Unsorted Thread (Originally was the Mini EBG in Safe Mode, now can be used for anything)


Bite your tongue, heathen.

Rakan is my Man Crush Monday.

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Strange, many seems to find Rakan hot. :thinking:

No man in the League are attractive enough for me, sadly.

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Not dissing or anything but I think the original Santana song is fine on it’s own :3

As for your question… Hmmm perhaps I’m reading into it too much but I envision someone who lost a lot in their life.

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@TheMimikyu and @Crimson_Scythe

Google’s Rakan

Hmmm he’s… Alright?


In comparison to his girlfriend, Xayah, he’s not cool enough. xD


ahhhh good old man in suit days :blush:

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I wouldn’t know :man_shrugging: lol


@Lord_Killen_King or maybe just go the simple route and say some star-crossed lovers xD

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So I’m currently reading this story…

Red Eyes saw Tae Ho. But it was already late. Red Eyes swung its left fist reflexively and Tae Ho dodged that by ducking and then took out a beginner’s dagger and grabbed it inversely. And then he stabbed it in its groin without mercy.


Red Eyes let out a terrible cry. However, Tae Ho didn’t stop there and transformed the dagger into a sword. And then, it’s reproductive organ that had become a bloody mess fell with a thudding sound. Rolph and the warriors yelled inwardly.

So brutal!..:laughing:


Another day, another time to support the best ship.

Show your support with the hashtag #NewBestShip.


It is awesome…:laughing:


Remember that Cai offers discounts in all Cai-run stores if you ditch Zythe and support the #NewBestShip


On another note HURRY WITH THE NEW EBG.


Cai you keep talking shit about Zythe I did not appreciate

U asking for a fite m8


That’s the goal


I shall wreck thou arse

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Plz dn’t ty I dn’t take it that way