Unsorted Thread (Originally was the Mini EBG in Safe Mode, now can be used for anything)


Good idea. XD I probably should have done that back during the wait for KH3, lmao.


Probably lol.

Anyway since you didn’t answer Imma post again xD

Does this qualify as a trap?


Nah m8 I am not that cute u-u


Anyway if I didn’t reply, I probably fall asleep… xD


Hmm…not sure. o.o Maybe he’s just more of a cute bishonen type boy. XD


You are very cute, a cute and smol boi. uwu

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I’m not annoyed by Cai. He says what needs to be said. I’m just annoyed that I get dragged in with it.

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I need to hold him ;-;


Who? ;u; I’ll get a search party and look for him.

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Me ofc

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Honestly, yeah, very likely.

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Pfft he’s talking about the honorary soul mate y’all xD

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Shhh, I, don’t think straight when I’m drunk on cuteness

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I also can’t punctuate:)

Comma between subject and predicate, ew

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Not that that wasn’t but do please attempt to keep it pg13

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Kwuality babos

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My German Shepherd boi :sob: :joy:

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What have you been hiding all this time? :wink:

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