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Only if you add a leash to the equation xD
Just kidding xD

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Ugh, I hate the word “Mong.” It’s a slur against people with Down syndrome, and being heavily involved with the special-needs community, that disgusts me.

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I can confirm that it’s one of those words in the UK that gets thrown around regardless and no one really cares.

Same with calling anyone and everyone a nonce. That’s pretty good. x’D


I can confirm that “mong” is one of three words that will get you thrown out of the special ed room at my school. But I live in the USA.

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WillNE and the Memeulous crew really like to ‘nonce’ everyone.

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Lmaoo the UK really doesn’t care about using discriminatory words. It’s class. They really lose their meanings here.


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Hey, you can’t beat Romanian swears. We can literally add any word to the phrase: “Fuck your mother’s…” and it’s a new thing.

Also, the way we use conditionals in short form really adds to the musicality of it. *I know because I was ‘complimented’ on the way I curse. *


Retard and spastic were also really common until a few years ago. Huh, wonder why they stopped. Dx

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Because of this new thing called “B. G. MEDIA” and the entire subgenre of ‘grime’

Chavs deemed them too mild.

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Lel okai.

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wonders if Terry ever gets tired of liking things


I have most likes given on the entirety of the wattpad forums

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Whatchu gonna do when someone takes that crown from you?


I can take it back easily.

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Do you doubt my power?


yes, yes I do ^-^


Who’s on your “Most Liked by” list

at the very top

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Wouldn’t know if don’t check things like that xD

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@Lord_Killen_King look what I gooooooot \ (^-^) /


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