Unsorted Thread (Originally was the Mini EBG in Safe Mode, now can be used for anything)


I’ve been called many of those slurs throughout my life with the full meaning intended. I’m autistic, mind you. Forgive me if I’m a little pissed.

Apparently it’s also 100% okay that I was once routinely abused by teachers, because it’s all my fault I was born this way, right?

I’m done.

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I don’t even see how you got involved in this anyway. We were initially talking/referencing Fodder’s usage of the word so. *shrugs*

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*On that point I use the word as a joke because it helps me believe that life’s just playing a cruel joke on me and it’s not actually real so if you could not that would be great. Thanks.


You guys coming here throwing slur about disabled people. Even if it’s not directed to anyone here, it wouldn’t change the fact that it’s insensitive and rude.

How more often would you people keep on offending someone, unintentionally or not, and not to care about their feeling anyway?

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Naw she’s not available for me yet :man_shrugging:


Honestly, just ignore them. They’re strawmanning at this point.

Aside from the fact you’re escalating it again even though you don’t mean it, siiigh. Ignoring the other two you brought up, it’s an archaic term that isn’t really derogatory anymore. I don’t get it.

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And here I thought we were past you

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Stop fighting.

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Ermagerd stop using your archaic slurs you ablest scum i DoN’T CaRe iF YouR BRaiN CaN’T PRoCeSS auDio aND You’Re MuTe BeCauSe oF THaT FaCT BuT THe WoRD MaKES You FeeL BeTTeR.

Lelel this is a joke let’s go.

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Sean is mute?

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At certain times it makes me wonder if other certain things are possible…

Hmmm goes off to investigate

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I need to go out to get a meal, but I’ll try to check back the thread for each hours, just in case that something bad happens. Hopefully not.

Take care, everyone. Send me a PM if there’s anything going.


My cat Violet (profile pic!) is 11 years old today!

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Happy birthday to your cat!

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I missed the bus again.

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Fekkin garbage trucks.

Argh, Fodder, you’re distracting meeee. I’ll have to close this tab.

Stop being so cute.


;^; hugs Well things seem to be calmer now, we should just leave it at that until we need to take action.