Unsorted Thread (Originally was the Mini EBG in Safe Mode, now can be used for anything)


Ok but I actually looked up who Kayle was and damn, she looks awesome. ;u;


I played her because she entitled as the Aspect of Justice


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Makes sense. Nothing is more OP than the power of justice after all. ;u;


Except her twin sister, Morgana.

Season 1, 56% win rate, golly.

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Oooh I was wondering who the other one was. XD

Sorry I’m a total noob honestly


Anyway been trying to be active on the LoL forum recently and I just remember that they got the creative corner for characters ideas and such stuff, so I’m making my own too.

I’ve been sketching this creepy ghost boy. I named him Ashvale.


I like

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Ooooh, he’s a spoopy boi.

I like him, he looks pretty cool (and cute. XD)


Funnily enough, one started as a support, had a brief run in with the jungle then landed on mid/top as a mediocre solo laner, while the other started as a midlaner and is now only playable as support or niche toplaner in an attempt to peel for glass cannon junglers.

Guess who’s who:)

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Yeaaaah he meant to be cute and creepy at the same time~ uwu

Also, I made his chibi icon because the League got these kind of things as emoticons that can be used during the game. (And yes I sketched them in some kind of old school paper, lol)


Thats so sweet. At our school we have these “Helpers” That go around with kids that have mental disabilities or physical ones.

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Are they students or teachers?


Who’s to say one cant be both

probably students

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So I just saw the new Fate movie and… HOLY FUCK I was not expecting that movie to be so adult oriented and FUCKING DARK!!!

review with some minor spoilers I guess so read at your own discretion

First off… My boy Hercules is the MVP of that movie bar none BEST castle fight I’ve ever seen.

Gil’s fate kinda upset me.

My ship got cannonized

There’s a sex scene :scream:

Plus… There were other sexual scenes where I was like wtf!?!

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Teachers. They’re pretty nice and tend to look out for me when I’m in a class they are in, but the kids they help generally have severe disabilities. The kid in my first period only shows up half the time and struggles with getting his work done.

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@Crimson_Scythe oi check you pm’s for me xD


The bloodiest battles ever…:fearful:

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I thought it was a joke video, but lo and behold it was an actual thing.

Oh, the humanity…


Sakura over both of Arty and Rin xD


So I had enough crystals to chain summon 3 times. That’s 90 attempts to get Arthur (and berserker Cu)

The ring did it’s little flashing thing 3 FUQ’N TIMES and said it was going to be a saber. I got so hyped and then…

Siegfried once and Gawain twice… The first Gawain I was like okay I guess I can’t be mad at that one. The second one I was telling my phone to fuq itself…

Least I got Berserker Cu… But no Arthur I’m saving the rest of my crystals for tomorrow when I have a chance to roll both Arthur and Ozy now but FUQ I got blueballed TWICE

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