Unwanted notifications about paid books

Recently i’ve started getting app notifications every time a new book is added to the paid stories. I didn’t ask for these notifications and have no interest in them. Is there a way i can turn them off? All my other notifications are turned off so they don’t interfere.

I haven’t been getting those notifications but I did just get one for it started with a high top which has been a paid story for awhile. And honestly want to know why I got it as well.

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Me too! Maybe it’s for beta testing the new design for paid stories and whatnot. I don’t think it’ll be continuous tho…

Idk. Who knows :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I hope I don’t start getting those 24/7. I might end up actually wanting to buy one of the stories and I don’t have the money for that.

I got that as well! To be honest, if this continues…I am not going to be happy.


Me neither.

I haven’t seen any. I wonder if it’s connected to a specific account you’re following.

I’ve been getting them too! It’s so annoying when I get a notification for a book not in my library from someone I don’t follow, and it’s not a comment from a reader making me smile. I have enough notifications from those I follow and now they’re adding more?

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I really hope what you describe is a glitch.

The books come from different authors, so it’s not linked to an accoubt. Other people here seem to have received them too so i guess it’s hit and miss for who gets them at the moment.

That’s exactly it :frowning:

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Okay…I just got another notification for a paid book…this better not be happening…


I’m actually all for these notifications. Wattpad should be pushing its Paid Stories content and authors. Otherwise what’s the point? We going to rely on them being randomly stumbled across? It makes Paid Stories more attractive than Amazon self-publishing too as it shows you’ll be marketed to Wattpad’s userbase Which will keep these authors on the site.

Plus, well, it’ll drive sales for Paid Stories, and those authors deserve to make money from their work.

If you’re not into it, then just click the x and move on. But I’d rather have Wattpad books and paid stories marketed to me through Wattpad and Wattpad earn more income that way than the current system full of awful time waster apps and betting websites.


Um…no. We should have a choice on what we repeatedly see in our notifs. If I’m not following the author or I don’t have the book in my library, I do not want the notifs. Whether you think it’s good or not is only relevant to you personally. If you want 'em, have at it. But some people know right out the gate that they won’t be able to consistently pay coins for these books, so notifs shouldn’t be shoved at them.

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Paid Stories already get pushed on us more than other books. They’re always at the top of the home page and they dont go away. I should not be getting personal notifications from books I know I’ll never pay to read. It is rude and a good way to get us to turn off all notifications for good. We deserve the choice to have them or not. Shoving it down our throat is not a good marketing tactic.


We agree there. You can’t assume they aren’t relevant to everyone either by that same point.

Well yeah, they’re the cream of the crop, and Wattpad’s new revenue stream in an age where as revenue doesn’t pay bills anymore. You have a choice - be sold Wattpad author books or be sold apps/betting websites/fashion retailers etc.

Also, try and see it from the other side. If you were a paid stories author, wouldn’t you expect Wattpad to promote you to the best of their ability? Loads of apps send push notifications announcing new products - I don’t see why Wattpad authors shouldn’t have that too? Yeah, it’s a minor inconvenience for you, but for the authors who WILL see a sales increase, it makes it worth it to have their books in the programme and perhaps helps them develop as writers.

Pretty sure I’d be okay with them doing something other than that. I can’t even send more than one email to a person without feeling guilty for flooding their inbox. And I’m a Student Assistant at my university!


Yeah but it’s down to what works isn’t it? This feature will go away if the majority of silent readers on Wattpad don’t engage. However if it drives sales, it’ll be here to stay. From a marketing standpoint, I can see it working fairly well at capturing silent readers from the 18-30 bracket quite well. Or at least I can say it will from what I know if similar marketing techniques on other paid reading apps.

At the end of the day, I want PS to do well, and I can put up with a notification if that’s helping it succeed.

Last I checked, Wattpad isn’t sending me ads through notification. It’s only between story chapters. Huge difference. The two cannot be compared this way.

And no, I wouldn’t want to turn away potential readers if Wattpad is constantly shoving my story at someone who has decided they’re not interested for one reason or another. I know what I want. I don’t want my personal notifications clogged with books I will never read. It’s rude. It’s one thing if it’s an email but personal notifications? Really? It’s one thing if it’s between story chapters while reading…but it’s not. It’s in my personal notifications that go to my phone. I do not like it and I will be more likely to not read a book constantly shoved in my face like that.

I already can’t read what I want on my home page because it’s not personalized. Now they wanna make it worse by shoving more books I have no interest in at me and I have no way to stop it unless I turn off all notifications (including my personal ones about when someone messages me or comments on my book).

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I’m not against PS. But this crap will turn me against it if I’m getting clogged notifications from books I have no interest in and cannot make go away.