Update : I'm looking for some beta readers Finished Book 69 thousand words (Forth Draft) sci-fi

UPDATE First book is now done just needs some beta reading and grammar hep.

Title : Shadows paradox (Forth draft)
(I hope I’m allowed to post the cover here too)

Region English

Word Count
32209 - Word count update 69073
Chapters 25

Doing another post because the first book is done and was wondering if I could get any beta readers to check it out for grammar and editing?
I will be doing the second half soon as well.
This is the forth draft of my book so I’m hoping the new revisions are doing well.
What’s the story about ?

This story follows Dan. A student at Melbourne University. He has a peculiar ability to traverse the multiverse.
One day he has an experiment but it was stopped before it could start after meeting with a mysterious person that has ties with a secret group known as Nerola but to the public, it’s called Globe City.
With this knowledge, Dan is placed in a dangerous situation with his life along with his friends are in danger.

What I’m looking for?
I’m looking for feedback on the book plot
Where I can improve on
What I should add
If there anything I should remove
Grammar and punctuation

What can I do in return ?
I can return a permanent follow and give feedback on your story as well

Now if you have any preferred method of sending your story let me know as well. Either being wattpad or google doc or PDF.

I am in no rush for when the reading needs to be completed but I do want to know how I can improve the story plot and finalize it before I write the sequel

link to my story

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Hi. I can beta read for you. I have learned it is easier to look over someone else’s writing than one’s own. I can do all of what you are asking, though I will warn that I am not perfect with grammar so I recommend after I finish going over yours to have someone proofread after me. I also have learned it is easier to find grammar mistakes for someone else than one’s own. It is easier for me to do google docs because I can comment and make suggestions. You will have to give me sometime if you want it thoroughly looked at and analyzed.

That sounds good how do I send you the document ? any prefered methods

Google docs will be good. Just have me for permissions as comments so I get make suggestions and comments. Like I just added if you want it thoroughly looked at and analyzed it might take some time. I go through something and read parts over again. I try to be thorough. PM me and I can give my email.

Will do thank you again Im currently planning the second half of the book so having edits done on the first half will help plenty espically with proof reading. I wiill send a message over now :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent you a PM


just another Bump


Whats the best way to contact you ?

(Oh update the book now done as well :slight_smile: Just need to work on beta readers I will make another post as well

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let me know if you’d still be interested.

DM lol

I’ve sent you a dm

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