Updated thread: Earning Coins for Paid Stories

Hi all!

It’s me again with an exciting update: On September 30th we launched a test that introduced a way to earn coins.

Starting today all Wattpadders in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can earn Coins to unlock Paid Stories by watching video ads.

I know many of you suggested increasing the daily limit from 2 Coins to 3. Since launching the test we have increased the daily limit to 3 Coins. This makes it possible for readers to unlock one chapter a day by earning Coins.

Maybe, you may be wondering why it’s only possible to earn Coins if you are in 4 countries currently? Good question!

We do have plans to expand this feature to additional countries. Before we do this we’re running tests with small groups of readers to ensure that the feature benefits both readers and writers. The goal of Paid Stories is for writers to earn money for their work, and it is important for us to ensure this objective is met before introducing the feature to additional countries.

Also, there are laws around advertisements in each country that we need to abide by. Before introducing this feature to new countries we’re ensuring we’re compliant.

From our test we have seen that more Wattpadders are reading Paid Stories. This is exciting for writers and readers, and we’re working towards expanding this to a larger percentage of our community.

You can read more about earning coins here: www.wattpad.com/earncoins/
Let me know if you have any questions!

My Indian self is crying and waiting! :sob:


Don’t cry!

Hint,hint, hint…


hint hint hint Hope it comes soon




I noticed! Thank you! It actually makes a much bigger difference than I thought it would.


Oh, actually I do. I submitted a support ticket for this, but nothing’s happened. It keeps coming up with “ads not available.” I got the ad to show up once, but I didn’t have WiFi at the time so it never gave me the coin. Would the interface improve when more countries get it?


My Belgian heart is crying, do I get a hint too? :wink::speak_no_evil:


Thanks for sharing!

Have you been connected to WiFi when you receive the message that ads are not available? This feature requires connecting with an ad provider, so you would need to be connected to WiFi for this. Same applies for not receiving the Coin. The ad provider would need to see that you have watched the ad.

Sorry if this caused any confusion. It’s helpful to hear this so that we can update the messaging in the experience.



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How exciting! I can’t wait for the option to hit the UK.

Or do we have to wait for Brexit to stop messing with our lives? :joy:


Omg, yes!!! This is amazeball! :sob: :two_hearts:


I have been very happy with the Earn Coins as I can now buy PS and support authors that I love!


This is awesome! Thank you for the update @Karin

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This makes me so happy! Thank you!

I have been.

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Thanks for confirming. I may reach out with more questions, but I’ve noted this and shared with the team. The error could be a result of a connection with the ad provider or WiFi.

I hope you continue to use the feature!


I sure will. I’m just sad I haven’t been able to support paid like I want to.


@FireAlwaysReturns @astrophile @JJJ000YYY :eyes: