Updating Frequency

Does updating frequency affect your reading choices? Do you find a particular amount of updates per week to be too overwhelming or too underwhelming? Do daily updates affect readership at all?

I prefer regular updates, but not too frequent ones. Once or two chapter a week are good enough for me - especially as daily updates might not be as well-considered and well-polished as they would be otherwise.Having daily updates can also make it frustrating for the reader to keep up. Even if the story has been written and edited in its entirety, though, I would say less frequent updates would work better because it gives readers more time to find you.

I think daily updating would only work very well for books of poetry or flash fiction.


I think weekly updates are ideal, especially if I try to keep up to date with several stories. Daily updates are overwhelming for me, because then I feel that I cannot keep up and rather wait for the story to be finished to binge the whole thing.

That’s true. Very short pieces can definitely be updated daily.

As a writer I am very slow with my updates, my poor readers have to be very patient, because it takes me 3-4 weeks per chapter, which are between 3-5k long. I edit several times before I upload, so at least I can be sure that what I post meets a certain quality standard.


I wait until the book is finished. I’ve tried several times to read as someone updates, but it just doesn’t work for me.

So the frequency doesn’t matter to me. I’ll wait till I can read it al in my own pace.


I have posted both completed and all at one time and ongoing. My completed work gets viewed alot more and I asked my readers what they prefer and they said to upload the whole thing at once.

One of my completed books got 3k reads yesterday where my ongoing got way less than 100.

I always try out new stuff. One series did extremely well with uploading three times a week.

One is doing well now with one update a week. One tanked with two updates a week.

So I’d always experiment if I were you. You never know which new readers you’re attracting - and the algorithm does better with stretched out updates as opposed to mass-uploading chapters.


As a reader, I usually wait until a book is completed before reading it, unless I know it will be completed (90% of books are never finished).

As a writer, I tend to write the entire story then give regular updates (at least 3 times a week). I also ensure the day and time are consistent, and I often have people actually waiting for it because they know when to look for it. And they all know it is completed, so they don’t have to worry about me dropping it.

I believe some statistics say 2-3 times a week is a good way to get found by new readers and climb the ranking/tag system (at least the 2018 and prior ranking system).

But, as a writer, it’s whatever works best for you.

Before I got sick, I was posting chapters twice a week on the weekend. Readers seem to have more time then, and I’ve noticed the same people returning for new chapters which is nice to see. Hoping to resume that same posting schedule since I feel like it was a sweet spot for me compared to only publishing one chapter a week right now because of health reasons.

Saturdays and Sundays do appear to be the best days for posting new chapters however, and it makes sense since readers will most likely be active then compared to the rest of the week.

As a reader, I prefer author’s who post new chapters at least once a week. Any longer in between updates, and I generally lose track of the story.

Updates overwhelm me when they come out before I’ve had a chance to read the last one. This depends on chapter length, too. I get more easily overwhelmed with updates for books that have long chapters than short ones. I think once a week is a good amount, though, unless the chapters are unusually short.

It’s interesting that a couple of people mention feeling overwhelmed by frequent updates. I sped up posting from twice to three times per week because it’s taking a long time to get the whole book out there (it is already finished) at only two chapters a week. But I wouldn’t want to put readers off.

Some of the few readers who are following along as I post seem to just go at their own pace regardless of the pace I post chapters … which is the reaction I was expecting.

Do you really feel pressure to keep up? Does anyone else feel pressured by frequent updates?

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I feel pressured to keep up because I find it really difficult to keep track of where I left off otherwise. If it helps, I do all my reading on the web, not the app.

Basically if I miss too many updates I get confused and end up clicking the wrong chapter and either reading spoilers or rereading something I’ve already read and then I get annoyed. Also, I feel pressure to keep up because I’m in a pretty tight knit community so people I follow are probably reading the same thing I am and then I’ll see their comments about it in my newsfeed and everything. And ALSO because I know that when I’m in the shoes of the author I really love getting feedback for the chapter I just finished.

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I prefer once weekly or bi-weekly updates. They keep me interested and keep readers engaged without being too slow or overwhelming :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to get into daily updates, but I’m terrible for readers as I struggle with regular updating. I’d rather just give them a full book and promote diehard on a completed book.

Daily updates would be hard. I’ve had some books like that and I usually dropped it cause it was spammy.

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I just completed my story. But I updated every Sunday, usually by midday. I noticed several readers read it right away while other returning readers read during the week.
I experimented with updating during the week as well. This seemed hit or miss in reads.
The once a week update was definitely the better posting option for me.
As a reader, I prefer completed books. But I will read ongoing if the author is consistently updating once a week or so. Any longer than a week will make me lose interest.

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I agree with a lot of what has already been said. I am happy to read both completed and ongoing projects, however, when it comes to an ongoing story, I prefer updates to happen once, at most twice, a week. This allows enough time to catch up on the latest updates, without it being to overwhelming or ‘spammy’ as some have also said. If you are going to update as you go, then it definitely pays to try and stick to an upload schedule and create some consistency :slight_smile: We readers love knowing when the next part will be uploaded, and we even wait in anticipation!

Yes, I am having my translation perfected by a third person, as soon as I get the chapters back I usually post them. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a longer time than I would like.

The only reason I update weekly is because it gives me a deadline to work towards. If I know people are counting on my next chapter, it gives me motivation to keep writing. I have noticed though that I don’t get a lot of reads on my story because it’s not completed.

More than twice a week is too much for me, I can’t get around to reading that much. WP books are not a priority.