Urban fantasy non-commiting Cover shop [always open]

Urban fantasy non-commiting Cover shop [always open]

Hello !

This is a non-commiting cover shop. It means that I won’t reply to say if I take or not your request and just do the covers that inspire me when I feel like doing them. You are free to request a cover here and to another designer (if he is ok with it) at the same time. I just want to practise graphic and to do requests that are really inspiring to me ! So… you drop your request, you forget about it and, maybe, one day, you gonna get a surprise !

You can ask for every genre of cover, but be aware that what I like is urban fantasy and fantasy. If you request in those genres, there are more chances that your request will be done one day.

If you want to request a cover where modifications will be allowed, you can go on my “real” cover shop.

Plus, be kind : English is not my first language ! It’s French !



x If I do your cover and if you decide to use it, credit is mandatory
x You can ask for multiple covers, but please make one request by post
x This is an non-commiting Cover shop. I’ll not reply to you to say if I decline or accept your request. If your request inspire me, I’ll do it when I’ll feel like doing it. Because of this, thread-hop’ is allowed. That means you can also request somewhere else to another designers if they are ok with it. That also means I might actually just go in a totally different direction with your request and it might not look exactly as you wanted. You are free to decline the cover. The cover that will be declined will be turn into premades.
x No modification will be made to the covers (exception if it’s really small like an eyes color, an error in the title… etc.)
x Story needs to be published or to be nearly published
x Please, fill the formulary completely with the bold. You just need to copy/paste it. It’s easy. Understand that if you are not filing the formulary correctly, it might discriminate your request.


It’s totally free !
But, credit is mandatory if you use the cover.

Username :
Author name : this one is gonna appear on the cover
Genre :
Subtitle : if there is one
Genre :
SHORT summary please, no more than two-three lines and nothing too vague, I need to know what is the book about
Description of what you want : don’t be vague and don’t be too complicated
Casting : this is mandatory if you want characters on your cover. Otherway, indicate that you want a text or an object based cover
Mood :
Colors :
Covers inspirations : please include professional (or from a good graphic designer) cover art that you like and that are in the style you want for your cover. Those are mandatory.
Link of your story : I won’t read it, it’s just for check-up

**Username :** 
**Author name :** 
**Book title :**
**Subtitle** : 
**Genre :**
**SHORT summary** 
**Description of what you want :** 
**Mood :**
**Colors :** 
**Covers inspirations :** 
**Link of your story :** 

Thank you ! :heart:



Username : tifftheawesome (there’s not supposed to be a 1 at the end it messed up when they switched to the new club forums.

Author name : Tiffany

Book title : Kingdom of Steel Hearts

Subtitle :

SHORT summary

Eira can’t remember who she is when she is descovered frozen in the woods by slave traders she only knows there’s no way she should still be alive. She should be dead. They take her in with intent to sell her to the courts as a maid. She becomes close friends with one of the young warriors. She is later contacted by a lord from another kingdom who wants to take down the kingdom she’s enslaved to. There’s going to be magic, creatures of all kings, war and love. {I don’t have a prefect summary yet}

Description of what you want : I’m wanting an object or text based cover. I want it to feel very fantasy and magical. Maybe something metal like a sword or crown.

Mood : magical

Colors : not too picky on this one

Covers inspirations :

Link of your story : I’m waiting for a cover before I post the first chapter.

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Hello !

I got really inspired by your request.
Tell me if you are going to use it. If so, it will be sent by PM. If no, it will be turn to a premade.


Username : @E1r0nd

Author name : Elle

Book title : Blind and Bereft

Subtitle :

SHORT summary
Jing Rui’s only wish was to live with her sister for eternity. But when one day her sister mysteriously died in the palace, Jing Rui was determined to uncover the truth and bring her sister justice. She entered the palace as a maid and was appointed to work at a grand palace owned by a enigmatic bastard prince, Zhan Ying. Prince Zhan Ying rarely came out of his quarter, but Jing Rui knew one thing about him: he was named a God of War by merits, but he was a disabled blind.

Jing Rui must face dishonour of dignity, difference of status, betrayal, greed, love and hate as she campaigns to unravel the truth. Meanwhile, she must also deal with the ambiguous Prince whose ambition is unraveled, yet his fate is twisted with hers in the most unexpected way.

Description of what you want : I was thinking of a person based cover. The person I’m thinking is a chinese woman in a historical hanfu dress. If you require a face claim, I was thinking of Zhao Liying, otherwise, any person is fine :slight_smile: A dragon is wrapped around her lower body. It would be really nice if the title stands out and beveled.

Mood : dark, destruction, fiery

Colors : Red and gold.

Covers inspirations :

Link of your story : https://my.w.tt/ocErVMcUr1


Hiiii thank u so much and I love ur covers
Username : Vaishnavee
Author name : Vaishnavee
Book title : The Alpha Mate
SHORT summary The heroine uses different tatics to defend the clan.
Description of what you want : Want a werewolf cover, and I have a face claim. Can you make a cover with a woman that is the heroine with werewolf eyes and brown or blond hair
Mood : Danger, Fantasy
Colors : Green, Black, Red, Gold

Glad that you have a face claim… but who is your face claim ?


the heroine, The luna and her name is Elina

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Do you know what is a face claim ? :sweat_smile:

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ur covers are toooo good


Thank you :heart:
But since you don’t have a face claim and you didn’t put covers inspirations in your request, yours might take a while if I ever decide to do it.


ya wait a sec heheh

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Brown or blond hair. Red or golden yellow eyes of a werewolf. Flawless skin. And forgot to mention please do not put a moon or a sky in the cover because it is a werewolf story make it like a other fantasy covers.

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I’ll repeat my question but… do you know what a face claim is ?
It’s okay not to know. I can explain

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cool thanks u can explain hehe

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A face claim is a casting. It’s a public personnality that “plays” your character. It could be a model, a singer, an actor/actress, an Instagram personnality… etc. It is, this way, easier to find stocks that match the idea you have from your character.

And please, if you need to add informations to your request, edit your post and don’t make new ones because I’ll just get lost.

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ah okay… sorry I do not have a face claim

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Your covers are flawless. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you ! :sparkles: :heart:

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Hello !

There you are.
Tell me if you are going to use it. If so, it will be sent by PM. If no, it will be turn to a premade.


I love it! I will for sure use it!