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Tremble and Fall - A dark story about werewolves, vampires, angels, and demons. Rated Mature.

I will be happy to do a read for read if anyone is interested! Just PM me.


Being a half angel isn’t a walk in the park when you can sense everything and see everything bad that is to come. It especially doesn’t help when Maria’s closest ally is a vampire, something she was taught to fear, yet her every intuition keeps screaming at her to trust him

Maria starts having visions she can only assume are a glimpse into what is to come, giving her a dreadful feeling that it isn’t just her life that is in danger. Everyone is in danger, and if the visions can’t be solved, everything as she knows it will come to an end.

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Claire is an introverted student with only one single, but fabulous friend: Nina. Nina often jokes carelessly of Claire having witch powers, an amusing thought, but seemingly impossible. Denying witchcraft, however, suddenly becomes difficult when Claire discovers other worlds besides her own, and gets herself involved with sirens, sorcerers, demons and the flesh-eating anthropophagites. Her discoveries quickly mould a feistier attitude for survival. With help from her witch powers and finesse, she obtains money, an apartment and a life as an alien student in a parallel world, hiding her identity to everyone, especially the nosy German Secret Service. But hiding forever does not become an option, and she soon finds herself to get deeper involved with sorcerers by shamelessly testing her powers against any obstacle in her way, but not without exposing herself…

Lady of Light is the first book of the series, where the main character is entering a universe of wonders, but also dangers…

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Sixteen year old Anna Nicholson appears to be your average high school student. Except she is one of the Enlightened Ones - select humans who know that magical creatures live alongside humans in the modern world. Those who do not know that such creatures exist are called the Dull Ones.

Anna loves dragons. She spends her spare time drawing them and reading about them. One day, her life is changed forever when she bonds to a dragon. Now the first female dragon rider, she must learn what her role is in a coming battle. A battle that will decide that fate of both the magical world, and the human world.


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Genre: Horror + Fantasy + Post-Apocalytpic/Sci-fi
Kenji is a distraught, but still humored, survivor of a series of cataclysmic events that have transformed the U.S. into a paranormal wasteland. He is journeying his way to Seattle from L.A. in order to find some sort of normalcy or ‘home’. Along the path, he encounters numerous supernatural ordeals and bands of disturbed, delirious, and desperate people. Kenji’s path will trek through many uncertainties but ultimately lead to greater things.

The story starts out a bit slow, but I promise it will get juicy!




After a spell goes wrong, Olivia Vaillancourt finds herself hunting down a grim reaper. She has to get them back. Otherwise, it could mean more than a hefty fine. But as she follows the deadly, beautiful butterflies, she soon uncovers an underground drug ring; a drug ring that may have killed her mother. She soon finds herself running from gangsters, and a vicious hound chases her through the streets. But with the help of the vampire she saved, she might just bring them down, find her butterflies and solve the mystery of her mother’s murder, all in one go.

The first chapter of my first wattpad story is up, hoping to post a chapter a week, might be more depending on work (grrr adulthood).

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Hey guys!! :smiley: My friend and I have a new story called Secrets in a Reflection. Feel free to check it out! ~GCSJ

Book Cover


“So you decided to join us?”

Her eyes snapped open at the sound of his accented voice. She turned around and saw him standing in front of a frozen mirror. He was aware of why he was summoned here and sadness and sympathy filled his normally confident eyes.

Valerie swallowed back a burning cry of unfairness and anger. She steeled herself and firmly answered “Yes…”

Every day, we live our days in a redundant routine. Going to the same places, meeting up with the same people and believing the same things as everyone else. However, what people don’t know is that this reality that we live in is not the only one out there.

Valerie is a 16 yr old high school senior whose life was flipped upside down when she was dragged into another world. A world unlike any other, hidden behind every reflection, filled with the supernatural and the unknown. A world where once you step into, you can’t get out of. Despite her efforts of trying to forget what she saw, she was drawn back in by an offer. She reluctantly joins an agency in this parallel world, whose main purpose is to keep her two worlds from clashing into utter destruction.

However, will she regret this choice? Can she trust those who call themselves her friends? Will she like the kind of person she will become in this new world?


Lead in the Veins

Steffan is fighting a deathmatch with Death to save his impaled lover. But he is deluded: the impaled woman is nobody he knows, a dangerous sorceress with a plan.

Under her heel, Steffan becomes a lead golem, an assassin in the City of Steeples. She orders him to win Death’s favor by any means necessary. He’d rather win back his free will, something a golem could do if he experiences a Moment of Transcendence - that’s if he could trust a lecherous homunculus.

There you have it, a grimdark with an unsentimental male protagonist and a Faustian twist. Rated Mature (or immature, depending on how you view it) for sex & swearing.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/187571014-lead-in-the-veins-steamy-wip


Displaced Corvus Queen Orinthea has turned to Detective work in order to make ends meet and claw back her throne.

Between petty cases, an Emissary of the Thorn King arrives requesting Orinthea’s help. The Thorn Princess has just been murdered and the Thorn Court is in disarray.

Orinthea immediately accepts the case, but it isn’t long before other Princesses start turning up dead and dark truths point towards a culprit Orinthea doesn’t want to contemplate.

In a world ruled by different courts and powerful Royals ready to go to war, can Orinthea solve the case and prevent chaos or will her most dangerous case be her last?



Prophecy of Shadow Book 1
Long have the enemies of Dragonkind hid in the shadows, waiting to strike. For millennia Dragons have hid from Humankind, growing restless. A prophecy is found and the pieces on the board begin to move. Two young dragons are chosen to train and fight, but just who is moving the pieces?
A unique story of dragons and other creatures of magic set in the modern world.

Weekly updates, chapter 19 just posted.



18-year-old Dahlia never imagined that her dream since childhood will come true but it came with an unexpected twist. Dahlia always loved the thought of leaving her home the First dimension Bolivia, the land of glowing waters to go to earth. She always knew it was against the rules but with her father pushing her to marry a man she does not love she took a deal that came to her way not caring about the people that will be hurt.

Blue Ivy the Devil her self that made a deal with Dahlia so she goes to Earth. Little did Dahlia know is that Blue Ivy had plans of her own. To seek revenge for the man that killed the one person she loved the most. The deal was that Dahlia finds true love with a human boy or she will die in the hands of the evil.

while Dahlia was on Earth, conflict and war filled the other two dimensions bolivia and Mystic valley but Dahlia faces a problem of her own.
she had no idea that her time on earth will be hell as doors to her fathers dark past opens and she finds out the truth behind her mother’s death. Will Dahlia survive or let the weight of the Earth take her down.


Charlie Morgan has never done a supernatural thing in her entire life.

She went to college, got her journalism degree, and found a job on the east coast at a proper, high-circulation newspaper. Normal, human stuff. Her first day at the Northpointe Times changes all that.

An expose on the mayor of a neighboring town called Hamlet’s Grove seems well enough in her wheelhouse but as she digs deeper into who Benedict Hoult is, she realizes her first assignment might be a literal interview with a vampire.

Charlie quickly learns that’s only the tip of the supernatural iceberg she’s crashed into.

With help from her wolfish co-worker Finn and his spellcasting friends, Charlie figures out she’s not as human as she always thought. In fact, she may be something that hasn’t been seen on earth for hundreds of years.

Something a few creatures lurking in the shadows are willing to start a war over.

From Ashes is the first book in a new adult, urban fantasy series. It’s written for those of us who never got a magical letter on our eleventh birthday but still have a chance to be extraordinary.


Reincarnation - one of the many faces of the afterlife, believed by humankind. The one nicknamed Korsyo certainly did not believe in such a thing; that until he learned that he is the vessel for Tiasha, the Mistress of Ravens - a mysterious woman that managed to tame death to an extent, now coming back in order to continue her plan after being dormant for many decades. Within the modern days of life, the time for the Mistress’ resurrection is at hand, aided by her trusty friends that followed through death and deceived it as well.

Her host must face major changes within his life that will affect not only him, but his family and friends as-well. While the inevitable is doomed to happen, old and new secrets slowly unfold with each passing moment. With everyone involved chasing their own desires, sacrifices will need to inevitably be made.


Having a loving family, wealth and everything at your feet does not mean happiness if your health condition starts to deteriorate. Valentine Charleston struggles with herself ever since she finished high-school due to her condition.

A little before finishing her final year, mysterious whispers started to make their way into her mind and were shun aside, blaming the stress of the exams. Later, Valentine found herself in the middle of doing various things, but did not recall when she started doing them. Questions from her family rose up, due to her behavior change, which led Val to tell them what was troubling her, afraid that it would lead to more unwanted actions, if the condition is left unchecked.

Worried about his daughter’s mental breakdown, her father, James, calls in a specialist in order to analyze Valentine’s condition; while not convinced that she suffers from “Multiple personality disorder”, he recommends an appropriate treatment. Things seem to be stable, for now…

Notes: The story is “In-Progress”. I can’t say what amount of time will be between chapters, but I will do my best to keep it constant. Feel free to share your opinions, either good or bad, any are welcomed.




William is beautiful and mysterious. Danielle falls in love with him immediately.
But he isn’t who she thinks he is…


The people who believe they can change the world are the ones who actually do.

Earthshine - an urban fantasy about yoga instead of vampires and werewolves

Link: https://my.w.tt/1rEi08O2yX