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Ongoing Series | Updated Fortnightly | Click Here

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Title: Last Of Her Bloodline
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Content: Mature (for violence)

Christie uncovers her family’s dark past, she’s being hunted by a powerful witch. Will she succeed in defeating evil or succumb to a terrible fate? Find out in “Last Of Her Bloodline.”

You will love this story if you like paranormal and magic.

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the final final final final version
On the throne an heir will sit, Blood of Crowe and Fae, Long divided the courts will unite once more.

The Day of the funeral of her parents changed everything for Carolyn MacCloud, a 24-year-old Writer from the eastern coast of the United States.

One moment she could tell someone with certainty that magic was only the topic of books and television, then her world was thrown upside-down as she found out her best friend Natasha was not only a being of Magic but also the daughter of the royalty of the Light Fae.

Alongside that she found out her father had been hiding one fact, The woman who raised her was not her biological mother, and that the family she was born into was cursed. This curse would find her new friends, love, and a new enemy determined to destroy her newfound family. Will she be able to save them all or will she fall to the pain this curse causes?

Book 1 in the Crowe Legacies.

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Title: Last Of Her Bloodline (Book Two)
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Content: Mature
Ongoing series (will be updated regularly.)
After losing most of her family members and her best friend Tessa, Christie is bound to protect her friends from the dark forces, she finds herself face to face once more with the dark entity she took so much pain in destroying.

When a major catastrophic event unfolds, the people of Westfay are placed in danger. It’s up to her to save the town and put a stop to evil once and for all. She finds herself siding with someone unexpected.

Find out more in “Last Of Her Bloodline - Book Two”


Contains depictions of violence and other mature situations.

Book one is completed and if you’re new to this series head on to my profile and read it…


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Book 1 Cover 2

SLEGWIT, Book 1 - Trails In Water; Great Evil Lies Slumbering

They thought they were living in paradise. But what sort of paradise won’t allow you to leave?

In any other time and place, they would have never known each other. But in the world of the Network - cities connected across thousands of miles by instantaneous teleportation devices known as SLEGWIT portals - a series of unsolved deaths and disappearances forces them to band together, in a battle to confront powers beyond their understanding.

• A by-the-book police detective finds himself forced to seek help on his latest case from a brutally violent, and strangely ageless, crime lord
• Several high school students seek to discover the truth behind the apparent suicide of one of their classmates, and discover that her death is just the beginning of a darker plan
• A deaf assassin is forced into a power struggle beyond her understanding, as she is betrayed and forced into hiding after a hit gone wrong
• A college freshman learns a stunning secret about her new roommate, and is shown the wonders of places beyond the stars, as well as the terrors
• A young photographer rents a room in her dream home, but the secret lives of her new roommates threaten to draw her into this society’s dark and savage underbelly
• A washed-up private investigator takes on the case of a lifetime, which could unearth a conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone on the planet

Impossible feats of magic, remarkable achievements in science, and beings of legend and nightmare collide in this provocative new universe, with a diverse cast of characters and twists and turns galore.

“Welcome to the Network. Once you’re here… you’ll never desire to be anywhere else.”

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The Crown Prince

Hild is a Valkyrie, sworn to protect the interest of the gods in the nine worlds.
But there is a darkness coming …
Whispers say the enemy will die a certain death and that the royal children will do it.
That puts the Royal family of Midgard in grave danger.

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The Devil's Favor Flame Cover Ad

Explorers of the Unspeakable: A Thea Walker Novel

Explorers of the Unspeakable

Updates every Tuesday and Friday.

Cover by @_Ratchet
When Thea, a magical scientist, discovers that her boss is killing magical creatures and attempting to find the keys to Hades to bring back a dangerous war criminal, she enlists the help of three war heroes and a shopkeeper with a mysterious past. Together with her best friend Jax and her newfound allies, she will navigate a conspiracy eight years in the making and change the course of history forever.

Title: Oblivion
Author: @HanaHay057




That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. [H.P. Lovecraft]

  • Accepted in the Urban Reading List @WattpadUrban
  • [5th Place [81/100 pts.] in the Ruby Awards [@The_ruby-awards] Paranormal/Horror Section

A trigger happy Irish ex-soldier who’s not afraid to put her tactical mind, her cooking abilities and her utter ignorance of the Magic world on the field.

A Mexican Palo Mayombe priest who’d very much prefer to live a quiet life between his magical studies and his parish.

A Russian engineer who has lost most of his memories and would just like to spend his days in his cellar, where nobody knows what happens.

A bureaucrat at heart, forced to he the Enforcer, and thus the tactical chief - or as he likes to define himself: glorified babysitter - of the aforementioned three subjects.

A powerful Order of Mages, working behind the scenes of the world… in the most bureaucratic and organized way.

What happens when a simple mission, who would lift the Coven of the Pollos Rojos de la Revolucion at least up the rank where they’d have the right to a home with, at least, one room each and two bathrooms, goes south in a totally unpredictable way?

Follow the adventures of Banshee, Chico, Vopros, and Garaham, as in Strange Aeons, unnamed supernatural forces, and very named ones, find themselves at the beginning of a plan eons in the making, that will change everything.

Especially the lives of the three minimum-wage mages.

Recovery & Magic
Recovery & Magic

Ever since Meril can remember, fire has been around her. She cannot control it, she doesn’t know what causes it. All she knows is to make her life a living hell. One day, two men find her and tell her she’s a witch. The curse that burns everything around her is magic. They offer a space of healing and a home. A place where Witches and Wizards can go when they are afraid of their magic. Where they can recover from what it does to the user. A warm place for those who have no homes. Or addicted to using and discovering the potential uses that magic can do. For better or worse. Where it’s possible to recover from the damage brought from your own self.

Status: Ongoing