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This is the place where you can share your book. MUST be GENERAL FICTION + URBAN FICTION (in tags). I personally feel like the forum isn’t poppin’ like it uses to back in the days. A lot of authors were way more active back then and it was really fun and useful to use.

Share what you gotta’ share, girl & boy! Peroidttt.

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Hey, sis! Check out my book The Covenant: Blood & Water.


Teen rapper Monroe Westbrook can’t wait to step out of her celebrity siblings’ shadows. Her last name is her claim to fame, and she has every intention of putting it to use, even if her big sister doesn’t think she’s ready for the not-so-glamorous parts of stardom. With a hit song and growing fanbase, Monroe knows it’s now or never. The last thing she wants is to let the opportunity for a smooth transition into superstardom pass her by. Luckily, she may not have to.

Marshawn “Civil” Bryce can’t remember the last time he looked at a hip-hop chart and didn’t see his name in the top ten. Unfortunately, the same can be said for his rival, Tailyn Westbrook. When Tailyn’s baby sister makes it home from a years-long stay at boarding school, Civil sets his sights on her and her untapped potential. Monroe is hungry for fame, and Civil has the means to make all her dreams come true.

Monroe is torn between what she deems more important: stardom or sisterhood. Should she let her dreams fade to black, or is the recognition she craves worth losing her family over? The answer doesn’t matter, because the question is enough to restart a feud that’s been dormant for years.

Monroe wants the limelight. Civil wants the artist. Tailyn wants war.


Hello there!

The Story Request club is meant for people who are looking for stories to read, not for people to promote their stories. They can do that in the genre sections of the Share Your Story club.

If you would like to start a writing group then you can create a thread here: #story-services:writing-groups.

I’ll have to close your thread.

Thank you for understanding! :yellow_heart:


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