Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



What are your favorite books? Who are your favorite authors? Let’s talk Urban Fiction.


Hello :smile:

The Character and Story Games Club is for character and writing games :smile: as your thread seems to be more of a writing discussion, I’ve gone ahead and moved to the General Fiction category :smile:

Thank you for understanding!

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I found it:joy::joy:


My faves are author DeliriousMoon and her murder mystery series. And MissPerfectFlaws with On The Other Side. I itch for updates everyday.


I’m fairly new to the wattpad world so I’m still feeling around, but I’ll be sure to check them out.


I have several favorite authors–all are unique in their own way. My urban fiction authors I like reading are–J.D. Mason, Dana Davidson.


Are your favorite authors on wattpad? I’ve noticed a lot of big names on here as well.


I don’t know about these two authors because I haven’t look yet. I doubt it. One of my favorite authors is on here.


That’s awesome. I was surprised to see a few big name authors I read myself on here.


Where is everybody–oldies, newbies, anyone hello? Old forums close and now it’s on to the new one!


Hi I’m here. I just realized today that the old forums are gone. I think once everyone try to comment on the old one they’ll see that it’s closed.


Wait. I just realized we have an Urban Fiction Share Story forum! We’re moving up.


I messaged everyone from the old forums. They should be here soon.


Yep, they’ll be here and hopefully more will join them. I was surprised to see the Urban Fiction Share Story forum too!


Wait, no one is here yet?


I know. I wonder do they know about the new forums and/or if they know how to use it.


I messaged them about the new ones and they replied, but they may not know how to use them.


Hello :slight_smile:
I have so many urban books I love reading so much, most are from the same authors lol


Yeah that’s me too. Once I find an author I really like, I try to buy all of their books.


I’m the same way with my books too. After I read one good book from a author–I want to know what else they wrote.