Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



hey ladies!!! :woman_genie:




Hey :slight_smile:


Y’all don’t think people in the forums are sensitive?


Some of them are. Why? What happened?


You guys experience problems or backlash with posting your stories in the SYS threads b/c they’re urban?


It went well I’m waitingto hear back


No. I’ve never had any problems. I post in the general fiction/chick lit sections and they seem to accept it


I know you got it.


Oh, ok. I was just wondering b/c it seems that books with poc/minorities as the main characters don’t seem to have as much coverage or highlights as that of others. Thats why I started looking for groups like this.


Nope. never. If I did get backlash, I’ll just give them a piece of my mind lol


:joy::joy: I can definitely understand letting people know what’s what. I’ve had my share of people online who just don’t understand how to keep negative or intrusive opinions to themselves. Good to know that you can post your work successfully though.

Do you mind if I ask you, in fact if I ask ALL of you, how you guys balance your time to write and post your stories while dealing with work and/or school? I just spent the whole day critiquing someone else’s work today (which I enjoyed doing a lot) but I didn’t get any time to work on my own story and I take night classes during the week and babysit everyday of the week and sometimes on the weekends. It get’s to be difficult trying to juggle it all.


Girl Let me tell you
Since I started visiting the forums more and interacting some of these folks are:


  2. Rude ( Don’t let me get started on some of those Ambassadors)

I went into a thread recently and I did get into it with a few :family_man_woman_girl_boy: in there.

I told :family_man_woman_girl_boy: to “Grow up” and all of a sudden I’m condescending and bullying. Maybe it’s how I was raised. I’m starting to want to stay in this thread and others like this. COMMUNITY WHERE?:woman_shrugging:t5::rofl::rofl:


You got it in the bag . SIGN. SEAL. DELIVERED


I’m happy you found us. Welcome to the group


It is a challenge. I Have a short story to finish, a teen fiction stuck in my head, plus school and work. I created a schedule for myself. It seems to work if I stick with it. You should try creating a schedule for yourself and see if you’re able to make any progress


I keep it simple when I interact with people in other forums. When I want real interaction I’ll come to this thread and see what the topic is, or I’ll create a topic and hope in creates a discussion.


It’s funny you say that, b/c I just started making schedules for myself. I normally make them and don’t stick with it, but since I’ve started writing again I realize it is super important to have some sense of structure since I want to become a successful writer and still maintain the other important aspects of my life.


Absolutely! You have to keep a schedule for yourself, or you’ll be all over the freaking place! It isn’t good for a writer to be unorganized.


I made a schedule also. I admit sometimes it’s hard to follow, but it definitely helps to have one.