Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



It is very hard to maintain when you have other works in progress. But I have to admit that I make progress in reads and votes when I have a schedule for my writing. I’m able to brainstorm, and write an outline. Plus I can skim through the rough draft and make corrects needed because I’m not in a rush due to the schedule. The benefits are amazing


Yeah I’m still working on my reads and votes. They’re coming in slowly, but I can see growth. I’m also finding that a lot of readers save your book for when it’s complete.


Is it me or does the “post your story” forum refresh more often?


Some readers prefer completed stories. But if they notice your updates are frequent then they’ll give your story a shot.


I haven’t paid attention. Does it?


Hey ladies! I posted a new chapter lol how’s everyone’s day?


I personally am one of those readers who prefers completed books because there’s been so many times where I have gotten into a book and the writer hasn’t updated in a year and my feelings get hurt lol…however writers that update often I will read their books because each chapter is like the next episode of a show…I’m that reader that’s thirsty for updates but I won’t bother them because other people bother them enough and get cussed tf out


Yeah I’m noticing that. I’ve been receiving way more reads lately.


It feels like it. Every time I post my story a few days later the thread is refreshed. Maybe I wait too late to post. Most of the time its empty though. I don’t think any of us can keep up with it lol.


I can understand that. I hate getting into stories and then you find out there’s no ending, because the writer went inactive before they finished.


Hey is anyone else’s chapter comments posting doubles?


I got the job y’all!!!


That’s great!!! Congratulations!!!


thank you


Happy Sunday LADIES!!!

What y’all up too?



LOL I can’t lie and see I disagree. I am a reader that wants to keep the flow going until the very end.




Thank you…yall idk what to do…I go into work tomorrow but I can’t wear makeup because my eye is swollen but I want to look presentable


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