Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



Thanks girl


I honestly think that comes from reading hard copy books and transitioning to new online formats


Unfortunately, I do not know much about make-up to give you advice.


lol its fine i just dont wanna look crusty since I went all out for the interview


You won’t look crusty lol I’m sure you’ll look beautiful on your first day


Thank you I was so mad when I woke up yesterday and I looked like I got stung by a bee thank god its not as swollen anymore


It’s not? Oh good! Are you nervous?


I’m more anxious about the amount of hours I’ll have because of the holiday season… I’m afraid they’ll overwork me because I have such an open schedule.


Do what you can and please do not overwork yourself. I’ve done it and it wasn’t worth it. Pace yourself and try to stay positive


Thank you @Paris_B for reading and commenting my story The Player! You’re a real one girl :smile:


Lol no problem. We should support each other.


lol I know but I wanted to publicly thank you for supporting me


Hey! Wake up!!!


Yes it’s getting quiet in here. What is everyone working on at the moment? (a book, books, self publishing, a big publishing company) What’s the status of your book? What genres do you write? What got you into writing? Do you have other things going on that is connected to books? What’s your overall goal?


I’m currently working on a book called Satan’s Mistress(Urban Fiction)

Satan Mistress has four chapters so far in draft. I’m also currently working on a book call Dutchess that will be updated around the same time I put out SM. That way I will be on a schedule.

I write Urban Fiction, but I also have works in draft that are Paranormal and SCI-FI

My overall goal is to be publish. I’m going to start looking into urban publishers.



Hi, I haven’t been here in a while! I’m working on a police detective story called Society’s Flaws–about a black woman and man solving crimes in a small town. I hope to write this as a series someday. I can see this story as a urban/diverse Law & Order:SVU but with a balance personal side of the detectives’ lives. I dream that my work can be adapted as movies or shows someday lol

I’m going to write another story called The Lucky Ones. I plan to upload a couple more completed stories on Wattpad soon. I have five completed stories now. I’m looking forward to self-publication someday–so I’m getting my stories in top notch shape now.

I write in different genres. Thrillers, paranormal, mystery, commercial fiction, etc. I’ve been writing all of my life–ever since I was a child. I love to read books from my favorite authors and decided years ago that I can write a story as good or even better than them lol.

Other things I got going on is designing merchandise from my online shops, recording music, and I have new Fiverr gigs too. I recently wrapped up an order from someone a week ago.

My overall goals is to be an author, singer, etc. soon.


I am currently working on book number 2 in my THC (The Hustlers’ Chronicles) series, while editing and posting book 1 on Wattpad.

I write urban fiction, but I can read mostly any genre. I always been a book lover, but romance books stood out to me. Whether it was urban, fantasy, historical, contemporary, or paranormal.

You ever read a book that was so good, but didn’t end the way you wanted it to? I did, and that’s what got me into writing. Book after book, I read, I found myself thinking this should’ve happened or that should’ve happened. After while I said what the heck and tried it out. The ideas been flowing ever since.

I don’t have any other projects, but I don’t know the future. My goal is to be self published. Moving when I want , releasing when I want, etc.


I took my book down because the book wasn’t me so I’m not going to put something out there that doesn’t really represent my true writing skills. For me my book felt too much like teenage fiction and not representative of my age group. I will continue to write and not rush to put something up again.


You are so me right now! lol What I mean is that’s how I fell in love with writing. Books from my favorite authors didn’t always end the way I wanted them to and I was like-- “I could have wrote that better!” lol dang.

I know you said that you wrote urban fiction–and read mostly any genre. But have you ever been interested in writing other genres too.

Plus, self-publication is what I’m interested in. And your reason–“Moving when I want, releasing when I want” is one of my reasons to self-publish. Also, I would want to get all of the royalties and have complete control over how my books look and how they are marketed.

When it comes to traditional publishing, publishers have compete control how the book looks, how it is written, they don’t market it as well compared to their best-sellers. Then they want most of the money.


I’ve had something like that happen. Usually it’s with a scene. I’ll have something in my head, but when I write it it’ll come out different. sometimes I’ll change it other times it’ll be better than the idea I had, so I keep it.