Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



Dang! I have to rethink!

Self publishing seems like the way to go, but it seems like such a big pool. I am not going to worry about it as yet.


Currently me at the moment.

I’ve written my chapter for chapter 9 of Dutchess weeks ago, but it just isn’t right to me. I probably changed it four times over and still not happy with it.


It wasn’t something I would read so I unpublished it and I will be doing a total revamp once I have a chance/ motivation to do so.


I just wanna sound 22+ and not 16


I’d probably try fantasy, maybe. But for the most part I’ve been sticking to urban fiction.

And I totally agree with the self publishing. You’re in charge of your own project, making all of the decisions. Your book will be you completely.

With traditional publishing, I’ve seen bestselling books with people on the covers that does nothing for the characters. Like, I’m going to just go with the person I pictured in my head lol. Or like, painted flowers on the cover of a pure raw street book. If I didn’t happen to read the synopsis I would’ve thought it was something totally different. But yeah they pretty much take over.


yeah, you have to build your readers to self publish. Once you have your readers, you have your buyers.


Do y’all use any other writing sites besides wattpad?


Don’t rush the process it will happen once you find what it is you want to write about.


Rewrite it until you’re satisfied. It’s yours and you won’t be happy until it’s the way you want it.


I’ve skipped over a scene and came back to it before. Sometimes you just have to be in the mood.


I honestly think it comes from me having to write a specific way for school like right now I can write y’all a mean eloquent af case brief and break down laws and doctrines but my creative writing has suffered greatly. I haven’t written creatively since high school.


I really miss you guys.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think as creatives or the person putting content out we are the hardest on ourselves so it’s gonna take some adjusting for me.


I know what you mean. My first book consist of high school kids, but you would swear they’re grown by their actions. I wanted to start the characters off young. That way the readers can watch them grow from book to book.


I only know of this one lol.


Yeah it got quiet in here for a second. I love it when we’re steadily active. If you guys don’t mind linking your stories, I’d like to check them out and support you guys.


I miss you too, I literally have no idea who you girls are in real life but this support system of chocolatey goodness is everything :heart_eyes:


I tried reading on inkitt but I couldn’t find the urban section so I deleted it lol…A couple writers have begun to add their work over there but like i said before I can’t find it


…most of us were “grown” in high school anyways but I speak for myself


Yes, we are hard on ourselves.