Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



This is random but I want to change my profile pic on here to a pic of myself but I look like a baby lol…I got asked if I was old enough to vote and I had to let the lady at the door know that I was 22…The account I read on has my picture but not the one I write on should I keep myself anonymous?


Not if you don’t want to be anonymous. I say post it or whatever you want your profile to be.


I guess I’m just nervous you never know who reads on wattpad


I know you asked this but do you mind linking your stories? I’ll be reading from my other account but I’ll let you know its me in your comments


You don’t have to post a picture of yourself if you don’t want to. Just do what I did.




I just looked up your book tell me why I had the same cover


Lol, I saw someone else with it. It’s not permanent though, I’m looking for someone to draw something similar for me.


I googled urban black couple art…I just didn’t want the typical urban book cover with the 2 black models with the city behind them. There’s nothing wrong with that but every hood love book doesn’t have to have the same themed cover


I do covers . Depending on what the writer wants that’s what you create. Most people allow me to be creative while some love the typical Urban skyline with two black couples in the front. Its the standard Urban fiction book on wattpad.


You learn something new everyday…maybe a cover will inspire me what do you require that writers do in order to get a custom cover?


When I did them on the old forums I ask for a follow or a shout out but now I do them for free. It helps me to be creative in a different environment besides writing.


You were getting that exposure I like that…Do you create based off of the description?


I’m on ch 6…giphy


Lol wow! Thank you! I told you, you won’t be disappointed. Each chapter have you wanting the next.


I swear I did the ugliest laugh during the scene with the teacher


Yes! Imagine having your mother as one of your test readers. Awkward.


Lawd that’s real awkward…my mom would be asking if i had done anything similar to the characters in the book


I’m sorry for my absence. I’m behind in my journalism class and I am trying to catch up on everything. I’m so stressed out right now


No problem. We’re going to be here. Take care of your business and ace your class.