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How is everybody’s day going?


Thank you girl. I’ll try to do better. I wish wattpad notified us when people commenting in these threads lol I’ll just check back more often but y’all know you can message me anytime or hmu on social media. I’ll respond faster


I know! I say the same thing. I just check the site as much as I can. Some days I be lacking, though.


I know I do. It is best to contact through social media are messaging, but I’m going to try harder on these threads. Where is everybody anyway?


Wattpad Next Beta with Nick: US Rollout]

I asked a very important question in this thread and the answers made me feel some type of way. I’m I over reacting?


What was the question


Why wasn’t Urban fiction books included?


I don’t think our genre is important to the others.


I think they should allow others to make that choice for themselves. WattpadNext is in Beta mode and is now implemented in the USA. Urban clearly has the readers and support backing it. Minorities matter. I’m tired of this to be honest. We wasn’t even include in WattpadStar program. It’s bogus at this point.


That’s so true about the WattpadStar program. And if they would have included us in WattpadNext Beta mode, they wouldn’t have to try and work us in. At this point i feel we’re just being over looked period.


That’s exactly how I feel. Our content is overlooked all the time. I don’t know if you clicked on the link, but he clearly said only the U.S read Urban books. Three states pacifically enjoy urban. Basically stating the numbers in Canada and the Uk isn’t that high, but I still think that’s bogus. My book only has 3,000+ reads and I have readers in Canada and the uk, so I know that urban books with a hundred thousand and millions of reads have readers from both Canada and the UK.

This where it gets even bogus. Books with less than 20k are in the program. Don’t get me wrong, congratulations to those authors, but I just hate being overlook like our content don’t matter. Being a black writer is hard out here, especially when you write urban fictions.


Oh yes, I went and read it. You’re absolutely correct. I’ve seen Urban stories doing major numbers, myself–keeping up with/ exceeding their “Major genres.” numbers. And as for the popularity in certain countries and states, I agree. It’s bogus. You can’t tell me our bestselling authors only reach the U.S audience. The truth is whether on wattpad or in the world Urban writers have a base. The numbers don’t lie. This situation is the same as us having to fight for our own “Share your story” thread. We’re not being set up with a platform like the others.


We won’t be able to grow if we’re continuously being over looked. And it seems we have to fight for everything that the other genres are being handed, but such is life. We finally got our thread. It’s no doubt that they’re coming to realize, we won’t just sit and be ignored. And I must say I commend you and others like you, that stand up and call them on their bogus actions.


We talk about diversity a lot on this forum, but black writers that write urban are always overlooked. Who’s going to fight for us? We just got an Urban profile two years ago while other genres had a profile a long time ago. Talk about a silver spoon.

Nobody cares about the money, but at least include us in something. Don’t tell us our content isn’t popular in such and such of a country. Who wants to hear that? That’s dismissing my point. Urban Fiction should have been added from the beginning.

Thanks! My mother taught me to stand on your own two feet even if you have to stand alone. I’m not one of these people on this forum that will kiss up to you, I don’t have time for that. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. Our voices need to be heard!


I know I’m late but there are plenty of urban writers on here that have millions of reads so what’s up Wattpad? They can’t say their aren’t enough people reading it…Is it because of our unconventional writing style that leaves a bad taste in their mouth? Frankly, idgaf because urban writers work 3x as hard to get their work seen…we have to use 7 billion tags whether related or not to even show up in someone’s search query. It should be a level playing field for everyone.


Have any of you guys read any of the interracial couple books on wattpad?


I’ve read a couple of stories, and they are OKAY. My story The Player has a interracial situation going on but I can’t downplay my own work lol Honestly, it is very hard to run across good writing on here with an interracial couple. That’s just my opinion


I’ve been preaching this for a long time. Wattpad will fight and provide for the authors that brings in readers. Readers equals money. The urban fiction writers won’t be have the front seat here, unless we fight for what deserve. As @Paris_B mentioned, we had to fight to get a damn thread. A thread! I’m thinking we may have start something ourselves…


I’ve noticed that with the more popular interracial stories its always a watered down version of a black woman don’t get me wrong they’re good but…I prefer the one’s written by black women I just get tired of the white savior saving some poor black girl


If I knew how to develop an app I would definitely make a black version of wattpad…and watch wattpad finally give urban writers recognition