Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



I wish I could make apps too. I don’t even know anyone that can do it. Maybe a club for urban writers on here? we can have a chat on kik or hangouts or something


I just like a good story period. I don’t read romance–interracial or not. I strongly prefer action, thrillers, mystery–something happening lol. I whether read a book when the romance is a subplot or in the background. I don’t like the stereotypical plots either–when all the writer do is talk about race, interracial love, etc.

J.J. Murray (white male author married to a black woman in real life) writes interracial books like that. I used to read some of his books back in the day but a lot of his books sound the same–like a lot of authors on and off Wattpad. I strongly prefer to read from black women authors that writes unique stories.

A lot of romance novels seems to be more about lust, infatuation, fetish, etc and unrealistic and not real love. That’s my opinion about books like that on and off Wattpad.


Are you guys following me on IG and twitter? If not, I’m going to be very upset lol


According to writers in the program, they receive help in changing plots and editing. So if you ask me it has nothing to do about the way we write.

He said we would be added when Wattpad next program comes into effect. (If that happens) Bogus, we should have been added to the program from jump. How are you collecting data, but don’t include every genre. That’s bull.


The funny thing is wattpad has the diversity. No other writing sites have any urban fiction writers and if they do it probably just enough to count on one hand. You know how much writing sites crave that type of diversity? Urban Fiction is a genre that does big numbers on this site. Probably enough to compete with some of the top genres IMO.

His response made me itch.


I like Nicole McCoy interracial books on here. There a bit cliche but I’ll pick it up from time to time when I want a good cliche to read.


This is why I love the Urban genre because it includes all of it. Many of the books I read are romance/action/thriller all in one.


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@Haesel_48 I just went over to the Beta thread and it seems like most US users are not happy with WattpadNext this is what I saw someone post:

“On one hand this is awesome. On the other? I’m penalized for first being new and second for the genre I write in.”


I don’t think new accounts will be penalized and in terms of genres Idk. He said urban will be add if wattpad next becomes a thing.

There are genres that wasn’t added beside urban and that’s what’s messed up.


i think they meant penalized maybe for not having a large following. But how come they can’t tailor the beta version to the needs of each country? I’m sure there are other genres that are specific too each country that weren’t included.


Like I said earlier Urban is honestly bigger than all of the other genres because it covers literally all of them. I read a book recently that was urban fantasy fan fiction lol.


The Urban Fiction thread is new. Post your stories when you have time :slight_smile:


I don’ think a writer would be penalized for not having a large following. There are a lot of writers with a small amount of following, but still have good amount of reads.

That’s why every genre should have been added from the beginning. That’s what’s bogus. You know the beta was going to roll out to different countries and what countries like what genre. The smart thing was to add all the genres and allow readers to make that decision for themselves.


That’s not what wattpad said. Proof in the pudding.


As soon as I get back to being on schedule, I will definitely be all over that thread. :rofl::rofl:


I’m about to be all over it too! lol


That’s what I like to hear lol


Their reasoning doesn’t make sense at all. They don’t think we have a real genre #urbanwritersmatter