Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



My urban writers,

You may not agree with my actions, but I do not complain without taking action. I feel as the urban fiction world on here isn’t being taken seriously. We are categorized in general fiction, and urban fiction is its own genre in literature. We have our own thread…now. There aren’t any contests, book clubs regarding the world of urban fiction. The website LinkedIn is a broad platform that connects people with others around the world. I have a few Wattpad connections on LinkedIn and I shared our thoughts and concerns on this site. I spoke about Urban Fiction, not individuals progress with reads, comments, and votes. Those are based on a writer ability to write, and MY or OUR concern goes far deeper than that.

As I stated in the beginning, some or all may not agree with what I did…but it’s done. Furthermore, how’s everyone’s day?


We do have contest and our own genre profile that has been up for two years. https://www.wattpad.com/user/urban

SO far they only did one. I don’t know the ambassador or ambassadors that is behind the profile.

Everything else I agree with. We do need to take action because I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What did they say?


He shared the link to the urban literature profile and mentioned a couple of success stories but that’s it.


What kind of success stories?


I think he mentioned Blood Line Books and The Hate U Give…

I’ve never heard of them


Okay, I found out the ambs behind the page. Isn’t it crazy that only one of them write urban fiction.



Wait a minute. The blood line is a popular urban book on wattpad. Has it won a wattys? No! Does it get recognize like Chasing red? No! Successful in terms of reads? Yes! But wattpad has done a lot for other genres in my opinion when it came to their popularity.

The Hate U give was never a wattpad book.


I don’t think he cared honestly, so I stopped talking to him. sighs


What y’all think we should do? This #urbanfictionmatters needs to be demonstrated


Everyone should contact them…If there are multiple people saying that we need to be recognized then maybe we could get something moving…Talk to your favorite urban writers and get them on board as well.


I tried that! I’ve dropped the link to this chat in their inbox as well but nothing.


And some of these “popular” general books are forced on you…I tried to read Chasing Red years ago and couldn’t follow it


Do you think that because this is just something that most people do for fun that they aren’t concerned or because they aren’t educated on all of the possibilities and doors that can be opened up for them by using Wattpad?

  1. Most people don’t know about the forums or what is going on.
  1. I tried sending the link of this thread as well but maybe if we show them what was said it will make a difference.

  2. I tried to give Chasing Red a chance but I couldn’t do it. #DIPOUT


I never read Chasing Red. When you said you couldn’t follow it–is it because of the story, grammar, bad writing, too much smut, etc. The title looked interesting but for some reason I never bother checking it out.


@cupcake_da_writer said she couldn’t follow it.

I gave Chasing Red a chance because it was always tossed in my face at every waking moment. I probably read three chapters, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.


It’s never caught my eyes either


I couldn’t follow it because tbh it was boring…I can’t tell you what the book was even about…I think my issue with it is because I don’t remeber there being any character names…I could be lying I haven’t looked at that book since 2013.


Lol it was always in the Recommended for you section right at the top, I was like how when I haven’t even read books like this. If I remember correctly my first searches were black young adult fiction


My first search was urban. Chasing Red is now a publish book. I guess it was someone’s cup of tea. That’s amazing for a Wattpad book. Wish urban was recognize like that.