Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



I agree.


WHERE Y’ALL AT? What y’all want to talk about today?


Here in my slumps watching Police women of Memphis and I don’t know, what about books that we had read lately?


How about what we’re thankful for this year?


I’m thankful for family and life.
Pretty generic, but I’m grateful to have those two things. This year a lot of people loss their lives and family members to senseless killings.


Hey whats up peoples. Im fairly new to this side of Wattpad and want to be more active. Just wanted to say whats up to everyone and maybe meet some friends.


Hi, welcome.


I’m thankful for life too.


I didn’t know Wattpad had an Urban Fiction forum! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey! Thanks to @Paris_B the urban fiction genre as a thread. :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:


Hey butterflies :butterfly:

Sorry for the tardiness! I was stressed and…yeah. How’s everyone?


I’m thankful for my life, family, friends, job, the fact that I have a place to lay my head…The list goes on. I’m not doing as well as I want to financially but I could be far worse.


Happy Thanksgiving !!


Same to you!! :turkey::orange_heart:


good morning. How was everyones thanksgiving?:grin:


I’m fine. How’s everyone’s day? We need to think about some topics to discuss–writing, urban books going mainstream, which actor/actress do you envision portraying characters from your stories, do you plan to trad publish/self-publish/write for fun. etc.

I’ll start. I plan to self-publish soon. I already selected the three books for publication. I plan on helping urban books go mainstream. Can’t think of a celebrity portraying a character in one of my stories. I’m an aspiring actress and I would love to star in one of my stories someday lol.


I just recently started taking writing serious this year. I used to read urban books when I was a little younger then i just fell off. I got a hold of “The Cartel Series” by Ashley and JaQuavis from one of my co workers and i feel in love. It sparked my love for reading again and i remember thinking how i used to write stories. I never thought i was decent enough for people to actually read the stories, but i took a chance.

I was writing for fun at first but these past couple of months i realized that i actually love it, and I want to take it serious. I only have those two stories that are on my profile but i have lots of ideas. Any way I one day hope to become mainstream or even become self published. I haven’t really thought that far yet.

My main concern right now is finishing these two stories.


Hey girl!!!

🌻Queen of Whatevers & Nevermind 🌻


I want to like to help urban fiction go mainstream as well.

None really. I haven’t thought about it at all but it would be cool to see my book come to life on the big screens one day.

I’m torn between trad and self-publish. If anyone is interested I found this blog that name 19 best urban publishing companies. You might know some of them by name if you read books they have published.


The funny thing is I didn’t start writing urban fiction at first. The genre called me and I fell in line with it. I love every moment of it and I’m currently cooking up some works that I want to release in Dec.