Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



Anyone ever read the kimani Tru books? I remember reading Fast Forward and Step up. Those books were life.


Never read them. I’ll have to check it out. @TheRealUrban I read 1 book from The Cartel series, but my obsession with urban books started with Wahida Clark’s Thug series. By the way good evening everyone.


I remember them being in the public library but at the time my mom thought they were too grown for me because I was in middle school


Hello everyone!

I am seeing some new faces and I love it! I’m Jo and it is nice to meet all the new faces. I’ve been super busy with writing. I have two chapters left for Innocence of revenge so they are extremely loooong. I know it’ll be worth it once I type THE END, but yikes!


cool, im gonna have to check them out. Im always looking for new books to read.
Did you like the Cartel book that you read?


I’m currently writing as well trying to make a deadline I put myself on. Hopefully, I can do it. :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:


They wasn’t too grown. I mean the covers did throw you off, but they came with morals at the end of the story. That’s probably why they were always in the TF section. The ones I read were pretty dope.


You can. All you have to do it set it. I have so many deadlines it’ll make Oprah look unmotivated sigh


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Yes, it was actually one of the books that influenced my story.


cool whats your wattpad name. id like to check out some of your work.


I had a question.
How do you guys choose which point of view you want to use?
And whats your favorite?

-Mine is undecided. I mostly write in first person but I sometimes like to write in omniscient point of view.
Its hard to choose which point of view i want to use for a story.


My name is exactly the same @Paris__B


My story has a few different POV’s, but I mostly try and stick to the two main characters. Although I find myself writing in the POV of the character that has the craziest situation going on, at the time. I like writing in third person, but I occasionally find myself wanting to write in first person.


I mostly write in third person. I’ve written one of my stories in first person POV. I’ve also written a story with both.


I mostly write in third person, but my new book is going to be in first person. It was hard for me to get into character in first because I am so use to writing in third person.

The new book contains both first and third person point of views. I’m experimenting at the moment.

I choose the pov by what would work best for that character. If it’s an emotional story then I will lean more toward first person, but if I want to jump into multiple heads then third person works best for me.


Most of my stories are first point of view. Im practicing new techniques in current/future works to become a better writer. Basically I’m challenging myself and it’s extremely hard


Where have you been miss thing? Oh wait… I’m the one that’s been absent lol my bad


LOL yes, but i’ve been missing days also. I need to be more consistent.


The “Share your story” page doesn’t update until February 12 you guys. That’s a nice stretch.