Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



Anyone has experience with other writing sites? In terms of writing?


Did you experience a boost in reads?


Wattpad is the only site I’ve tried. And yes I did, thank you.


What is the Share your story page about?


It’s a forum where you can advertise your stories.




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This is me being super SUPER late but I’m thankful for having a life still, my family and friends as well.

It was nice especially seeing some cousins I havent seen in a while( one that I just realize had start talking now ).

I have no one in mind who would be good to portray my characters and right now I’m just writing for my fun, if somehow I change my mind, whichever route is best for me, I’ll go there.

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Nah uh, I have not heard of it, I shall go and try reading it soon.

Writing in third person is my type of thing.


Merry Christmas Ladies :christmas_tree::gift:

Do any of y’all use social media to promote your book on wattpad? If so, How has it benefitted you as an Urban Fiction writer?


I just started doing that. I hope it works but I doubt it lol. I’ve never been good at marketing. I’ve only promoted 2 so far and I know that consistency is key.


I have promoted on social media: twitter and Instagram. The only factor that changed was my reads… and it slowly rose. I’ve tried interacting with other writers on twitter, and in the forums but it rarely works. I do not believe it has anything to do with my writing, but everything to do with the genre my story is in.


I’m curious to know if social media actually help urban fiction writers on this site. I know it do for a lot of genres but it takes us a lot to grow.


Ladies,I really need your help.
I’m debating on how I should update my stories.

So, in the coming weeks I’m about to release a new book making my total of books I am currently writing two… I’m thinking once a week for each book. Like week 1 will be book A and the second week Book B. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


that can work but what happens if a person doesnt read both books. Then they have to wait two weeks for their upload.


I believe it helps when the urban fiction writers WANT to help each other.


I’ve written two books at the same time and it was very hard for me. However, the best is to update each book a week. BUT, I would recommend updating two chapters a week for each book. Updating one chapter for book A and the next week updating one chapter for book B will make readers impatient, and the result can make them stop reading the book all together.


writing two books, going to college part time, having a full time job and of course a full time mommy. I be forgetting about writing sometimes.its so hard sometimes for me to stay inspired and motivated.

what do y’all do when y’all have writers block?


I was thinking about this but I wanted to give myself time to write the chapters for each book, but I might rethink. I’m currently writing ch 7 of the new book.


I saw people on the forums recommending two chapters a week, but I can’t carry that out. I’m a slow writer, in terms of my writing process. I know what I want but it takes me time to execute it.


Girl, you are not alone. I literally took about two months break from my book Dutchess. I found myself becoming frustrated and hating the chapters I was putting out. I had to pull back from it and focus on one of my works in draft.

When I find myself having a writer’s block I know it’s time to work on a different project. When you work on a different project you will find new ideas coming into play for the book you took a break from. It doesn’t matter it your writer’s block last you a hot minute as long as you continue writing. Don’t let it steal your joy.

The one thing that kept me motivated was the amazing folks I met on wattpad before finding out about the forums. They let me know that it was okay to feel that way and I wasn’t alone as a writer.