Urban Fiction Writers And Lovers Come And Say Hi



thanks for the tip. Ive always just stopped writing until i got new ideas. I felt like if i start another project ill abandon the first one.


im having the same problem though. i need a schedule


Then you should stick with one chapter a week. Just make sure you’re updating regularly, even if it’s once a week.


You’re not alone. I have two chapters left of Innocence of Revenge and I am stuck. I know what I want to write, but I’m so focused on the fact that my stance on Wattpad hasn’t improved that I’m becoming…unmotivated.


Yeah. I was looking into that I just have to find the right days. Maybe Friday for one and Wednesday for the next.


Stance in terms of read count? When I first started out I promoted my book on other folks profile. The social media thing isn’t something I can see helping me gain reads right now but something I would use in the near future to search out urban writers.

A good cover is key. You have think of wattpad like men they love with their eyes first and think with their head second.


Am I crazy for rewriting one of my books in a different point of view?
Creating more work for myself.:unamused: I just want to try something new.


That’s a lot. It’s overwhelming when you write a book the 1st time.


i only have like two chapters tho so hopefully it wont be terrible.


Two chapters isn’t that bad. Are you changing to first?

At least you realize before you were ten chapters in.


Hi ladies!


ikr. but no im changing it to omniscient view. I always write in the first person. which I feel like sometimes is limited.


wassup :smile:


I’ve been M.I.A for a while and I miss this chat lol I’m trying to get some writing done and school is crazy right now.


yeah i basically put writing on the back burner because of finals. shit gets stressful.


Very stressful! I’m trying to balance everything out. I’ll be so happy when school is officially done


yes me too. Christmas break is coming up so ima use these few weeks to actually focus on my writing. i need some new ideas.


You know what…I scheduled for the winter session. No breaks for me


awww dang. I gotta go back in January so thats not too long of a break.


Hi, again everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve been here.