Use of Adverbs; Good or Bad?



What do you think about usage of Adverbs in writing? Do you agree with the popular opinion ?

I don’t agree with the notion that Adverbs are indicative of bad writing. What are your thoughts?


Treat adverbs as if they are a spice. Use as much as you need to hit the right flavor, but don’t over-do it.


I’m extremely conservative with them. It’s not necessarily bad writing, but they can be overused as a crutch sometimes.



But, with cases like me, English is not my first language. My vocabulary is limited and Adverbs are my crutches indeed.


I don’t think adverbs= poor writing.

Like anything else, it depends how they are used, when and how often. The more you use them, the more distracting they can be. But if you just use them on occasion, they’re fine.

I compare them to exclamation points. You use them when you need to, but if you use them constantly they take away from the writing instead of adding to it.

They aren’t something I worry about during a first draft, but try to edit them out where possible during the second draft.


If they’re being overused, you should start strengthening your verbs instead. A lot of adverbs can weaken the reading experience. But using an adverb every so often isn’t going to hurt anyone.