Use Wattpad to promote your published works

I finally know what I want to use WP for. To promote my books on Amazon. I’ll still read others works and vote and comment but all I am posting on here from now on is first chapters and links to purchase the book. I think if you really want to succeed as a professional writer this is the course to take. If you are honing your craft or a young person writing for fun then I can see why wp would be for you. Plus it’s a great place to make friends :blush:. But giving your whole book away for free is not going to earn you any money

I was really on the fence on this and then I had 2 negative experiences with “contests” on here that opened my eyes to how much of WP is really a popularity contest. And that sucks because it means a lot of really great writers are slipping through the cracks. That’s why I’m not leaving. I’ll be here reading and commenting and voting to support these writers.

Not mad. Just have the clarity I need now.

I think you’re very brave and it’s indeed the best way to go <3

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:clap:t4: This.

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I mean, if your book gets popular enough here you get a publishing deal which is huge because you have thousands of readers already supporting you. But I understand your point of view. I’ve read on wattpad a couple of books who later on got published and since I really loved the plot and wanted to support the authors I bought them on amazon and reread the whole thing. :thinking:


That really is a lottery though. Basically, I look at in the same way that I plunk down cash for a lottery ticket. I’m not going to win but it is fun imagining. The government likes me too when I do that - sending that extra money to their coffers.

If you’re going to publish here, you need to publish for the joy of writing and the joy of sharing. Anything else is just gravy!


It is a lottery, but isn’t it worth trying?

I look at it like, alright I’m publish all of my works here because I want other people to read them, and if I get lucky enough to receive a publishing deal, then so be it. :thinking:

That’s essentially what I do. I do have a few things I post in full to keep the account active and pull in some new readers, but the majority of my work will go straight to publishing and only be posted as samples. It works pretty well

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I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tag you, but I fear there’s some misinformation happening here. You guys know more about publishing and marketing.

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That actually depends. Hypothetically, if you’re talented enough and can build up a big enough fanbase, it actually might be better to publish on your own website (provided that you figure out how to transition the audience). That will allow you to monetize your own efforts through advertisements. Either that, or somehow get on the paid stories section.

Mind you, the idea is capitalistic and could be seen an ungrateful move towards Wattpad. I actually don’t think it would be very easy to move people over anyway unless you are super popular.

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The problem here is that the majority of people on WP are other writers, I mean, I’m guessing that writers outnumber readers on here? So you are competing against other writers who want the same thing as bad as you do. Everyone always looks at books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and thinks the same thing is going to happen to them. The chances of that happening are very slim. She got lucky. Period. Was she a good writer? Sure she was. She was also a pro with publishing experience and had worked in the entertainment field for years. So she had necessary connections. Most of us don’t. You can be the most talented, most awesome writer on the earth and if you don’t have connections and get noticed at JUST the right time, by JUST the right people you are not going to be this huge successful best selling author. I’m sorry, but I’ve been doing this for 30 years. It’s not impossible but it is unlikely. Now can you make some money and get some popularity OFF of WP - as in still coming to WP and publishing on Amazon? I still believe you can. But I have realistic expectations. I made $6 freaking bucks last year - no wait, it was $9. Woohoo! But I’m not quitting. I want to be published, even if I only sell one book a year. And no one on WP is buying books. That happens on Amazon. Here you give your books away for free, and if that’s what you want to do then great! I’m not faulting anyone for doing that. But for me it’s just not what I want.

And I reiterate again, even though apparently some people don’t want to hear it, that WP IS about popularity and not always quality writing. Why else would contest “judges” send out form letters instead of actual proper critiques, or claim they want only new writers and then award the prizes to people who have like 35K or more on their accounts?? Other judges forget to even judge a person’s book until they are reminded. Even though this site is pretty much geared toward young authors it’s not high school. Or I don’t know, maybe it is!

Actually, there are far more readers than writers. It is just that many of the readers are unaware on how to access the community, or remain as silent readers. I also agree that WP is about popularity and not quality. I have read many books, and seen some great authors get overshadowed by the less talented ones. It is sad, but WP has their own base.


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I know a few writers on here who have gone your route, but they’ve struggled to get people to cross over from a free experience to one that requires payment. Either way, you’ll have to build a base here if you want that promotion to pay off, and that requires effort and time.

Eh. I’ve skimmed through the popular stuff and was very disappointed with the writing quality. But I’ve also seen some WP Stars and writers with extremely popular books and stellar writing. My book hit 30k reads in less than a year of joining Wattpad, and I’d like to think I’m a half-decent writer lol. But yeah. If you’re looking to make money quickly, WP’s probably not the path to choose. Success here is certainly influenced by luck, genre, and your target audience.


I have to agree on the contests part. I’ve never entered one on here because they often seem to be either a popularity contest or judged by a judge that has no experience in judging/critiquing.

But I can’t say I feel the same about Wattpad in general. I’m definitely not popular as I am older and write about topics that aren’t what a typical WPer wants to read about. I’m also terrible at marketing. I’ve been here a year and my most popular book only has 11k reads.

But when someone reads my story who loves it and connects with me through the comments in the story or via PM - it’s the best feeling and the reason I’ve stuck around. I’ve made so many great friends who I now talk to off WP.

I guess my perspective is different as I don’t have any desire to publish my work. I find it much more fun sharing it here for free and doing it as a hobby.

Having said all that, good luck with your plan. I hope you get the success you deserve.


I’ve entered four or five user-run contests mainly for exposure, and I’ve won some and lost some. It’s a good way to get your book out there in the public eye.

Some contests are much more legitimate than others (judges meet certain criteria, multiple judges and judging rounds, organized, etc). But I think winning a contest here is more of a pat on the back than a real measure of writing quality – especially on a site dominated by young adults. More often than not, they’re “reader’s choice” awards, and most users recognize that. XD

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I guess it’s all about finding the right one then. I confess I’ve not done extensive research into contests, but the ones I’ve stumbled across - when I’ve read examples of the reviews, they’ve been pretty dire, which has put me off entering any.

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Totally understandable! There’s definitely a spectrum haha.

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There is no wrong way to use WP. I usually use it for feedback and then take my storys elsewhere when I think they’ve maxed out their purpose here. Nothing wrong with that!

Fully agreed.

I bought two books on Amazon after reading the opening 1-3 chapters here and I don’t think I made it chapter five on either.

I’m more likely to buy an amazon book by finding it on Amazon than I am finding it on here and purchasing on Amazon.

Plus, I’m more likely to purchase a book of an author I’ve grown to love on here, which means having some of their books available to read.


I don’t disagree with you at all. In fact, I agree with you one hundred percent. I’ve peaked at some of the books pushed and their terribly written (in my opinion). The only reason why I mentioned the website thing was because it seems to be working for amateur translation groups. Mind you, they have a built in audience by leeching off of foreign authors.

If you can get your audience reading off a website you own, you could in theory make money off the advertisements (minus hosting costs). You might make more than $6. (Maybe $12). Basically what Wattpad is doing with works people post here. It still is a big long shot.

Personally, I’m mixed on publishing for free. Fundamentally, something feels off about putting in a bunch of hard work and giving it to someone else for free to make money off of it. At the same time, you’re never going to get found, likely never published, and as a result, never get read. So you need to find some way to get exposure or hold your nose.