User-run communities




As someone who runs a vampire community by herself and used to be in a werewolf community, it didn’t take me long to realise just how hard it is for our communities to get noticed. The only way to easily see them is to advertise them all over the forums (but only a fraction of Wattpad uses the forums), or to have many co-owners with big fanbases (I am mostly solo and only have ~100 followers).

It would be great if there was a special tab on Wattpad just for user-run communities, so that people can easily find them. Then the community leaders could go to an ambassador and get their community verified. That way, you know for certain people won’t abuse it, and communities can grow much quicker, helping make Wattpad a better place.

Anyone have thoughts on this, things to add?




Agreed. Some user led communities are good enough to produce a full list in their own guidebooks, but you have to be able to find that guidebook in the first place.

As someone who is considering setting up a user led community for undiscovered SF a tab on the main site would be hugely helpful.


Go for it. It might take a lot of work, but I’m sure Sci-Fi will grow much quicker than Vampire. You can advertise your Sci-Fi guidebook in the SYS threads, too. That’s the easiest way to reach people now


I thought vampires were all the rage these days. :smile:


Oh no, it’s actually quite dead. The forums are, at least. Many people now look back on the genre because of that rage a few years ago. We have to deal with that stigma


Which is why a way to spread our word faster and more efficiently would be great ^^^


I’m definitely in favor of more exposure for these communities, but I’m not sure if a tab is the way to do it. Most people would only be interested in a few specific ones, I would think. If I was an author of vampire books, for example, I wouldn’t want to scroll through a bunch of listings to find your community. I would rather just have that specific one recommended to me.

That could mean one of the recommendations on the home page or at the top of the newsfeed, or maybe it would mean preferential search results in the “profiles” section when someone searches “vampire”. That last one is what I’ve always hoped for. This ambassador-run (?) profile comes up a ways down the list, for example: