Using Wattpad for a Resume?


To all the writers out there, what are the advantages of using your Wattpad credentials on a resume, particularly as a teenager/young adult?

My stats:
-Used Wattpad as a mentoring platform to help other writers with their work by proofreading, editing, and helping them brainstorm ideas
-Have been increasingly active since early 2018 by writing on the forums and engaging in multiple (3) Wattpad group chats with writers-turned-friends
-Composed a total of four public works accumulating about 6,000 reads altogether
-Entered community competitions on the site
-Interacted with and received feedback from a Wattpad-based published author
-Written journalistic style articles/stories on the forums, thus receiving feedback from friends and frequent readers

I don’t know if this is in any way legit or if it would be a wise idea to at least use this data as a supposed extracurricular, but these are things that I have accomplished on my time on Wattpad, and as a teenager building up my professional career, it might be of some use.

What are your thoughts?


If you’re a teenager and that’s all you have, may as well list it. At the very least, it suggests some internet literacy.


It’s not the only thing I got, but I figured it might give me a slight leverage when it comes to freelance writing/submitting to publications. And you do make a point about Internet literacy.


Resumes are super tough when you’re starting out. Use it!


I think it depends on what kind of job you’re applying for with this resume. If you want to be a tutor, for example, the first point you made might work out well. If you want to be a social media intern, talking about being on the forums and taking with lots of people might help. But it’s also possible that none of this will be taken seriously if you give the resume to the wrong people in the wrong context.

I think you should also consider explaining what Wattpad is depending on whether the HR people you give the resume to would know about it or not.


Here’s what I’d keep:

The first item is useful because it lists some soft skills (proofreading, editing). The second item has a quantifiable achievement (6,000 views). That’s what you want on a resume, keywords and numbers. If you’ve created a profile on LinkedIn, you’ll notice that many of the point-and-click fields are geared toward things like that.

Saying you were active on a forum means nothing because that’s what many adults do when they fluff around online. Competitions don’t matter unless you actually won or came close, and then you’d just list that award.

Also, I looked up your Wattpad profile (at least under the same name you’ve used here) and it has no works now, which doesn’t look good. If I was a hiring manager and a resume mentioned someone’s online activity, I’d not only expect to see a link to it, but to see those stories you posted that got 6k hits – that might be a sort of writing portfolio for you.


Thanks. Yeah, those stories are currently unpublished (some in need of further editing), but I see what you mean.

I asked on a whim since I love to write in my free time and wouldn’t mind getting paid for it, although, looking at everything, Wattpad isn’t the best platform to market myself as an aspiring writer unless I was profiting from it. Thankfully I have been active in reading and writing activities outside of this (school clubs, etc.). In weighing the pros and cons of these responses so far, I suppose it might be advisable to build up a writing portfolio elsewhere.


No, if I were you, I’d mention Wattpad and put the stories back up, perhaps with the word “repost” in the title if publish > draft > publish again removes the original read count (does it?).

As a 30something who just discovered Wattpad last winter after Nanowrimo, I think it’s an interesting platform. As @d_s_t_e suggests, you might want to briefly describe it for adults who don’t know, something like, I dunno, “Wattpad, online fiction publisher and social network.”


I don’t think republishing removes reads. It doesn’t for one chapter, anyway. I’ve unpublished and republished one at a time before for various reasons.


All the more reason to mention Wattpad. Students often write for the school newspaper to fulfill an academic requirement. But since Wattpad isn’t required for any class (I presume?), your use of it displays personal initiative and a sincere interest in writing.

While it’s true that Wattpad doesn’t make you a “published” author any more than uploading a random manuscript to KDP does, it’s kind of interesting.

That said, your resume might change based on the job you’re applying for. If it’s online marketing, go into detail about how you got those 6k reads. If it’s a print publication, emphasize your experience in editing instead. And if it’s freelance about a specific topic, highlight the most relevant parts of your portfolio.


I mean, I included it. However, I just put online published author. :sweat_smile: