V27 ~ The Order of the Dark Side of Fanfiction ~ V27




I don’t know how this works I am confused


I have no idea, either, lol.


I like that you see the replies right away rather than having to refresh every time


That is very nice.


And notifications, although I have a feeling that with us it’ll start to be a lot XD


I’m just testing out how things work… giphy%20(1)


OK, so there’s a reply thing at the bottom of the scrolling thing and an ability to reply to actual topics . . . huh.


Apparently we can upload images from our computers… let me see if the old coding still works


Yay! It does!


That’s nice in case of people having discussions about TV shows or things like that, you don’t need to see all their replies if you haven’t seen the show or whatever


I can still see all the posts, though.


goddamnit I was so hopeful


This is still weird to me ugh


Hello??? Is this thing on??


It’s on!

. . . I think. O.o


Okay but why are only some usernames tagged and not all of them? I see mine is highlighted, but Laura’s isnt


It wouldn’t let me reply for a whole five minutes and I was getting frustrated


I have absolutely no idea. I was trying to figure that out.


I was gonna say maybe it is for the ones that have been on the new community but that was easily proven wrong