V27 ~ The Order of the Dark Side of Fanfiction ~ V27


I saw an ad for it a couple days ago and I got excited but then I forgot about it :joy:


Also update she’s not pregnant thank God


Dude if you see shows you like on there, I highly recommend it. My sister was so excited to see Face Off on there along with a few other shows :smile:


Thanks for the update!


OK, I don’t know which trio I like better (platonic, of course).


Or Nazaray


but why can’t they be romantic? Polyamorous relationships (1), and (2) people are kinky and like threesomes, maybe they do :woman_shrugging:t3:


Holy fuck, my trial shift at my second job was a nightmare.


Ugh, I’m sooooooo addicted to Titans, no matter how much Starfire’s character is throwing me through a loop.


Aw no what happened?


After living in this new house for approximately five months, I’ve finally put up my posters in my room. It feels more like my room now and not just a place to sleep


It was just so tiring and stressful. My trial shift was a 200 person wedding that was a little all over the place. Like, there were a lot of things I couldn’t do and I felt really useless a lot of the time. I kinda felt like I was being babysat. It wasn’t a good experience. But I think that’s more to do with the fact that I’m not a confident person in general.


Yeah, I ship both trios romantically as well.


What is your second job? I’ve never asked


Yeah, second job. I hope I got it. I kinda need it.


No, what IS it. Like what do you DO in your second job, not did you have one


It’s the same as my other job. I’m a waitress for both. The difference is that this new job is at a winery/estate where weddings are hold and there’s a cellar door. My first job is at a restaurant that does wine dinners.


Oh gotcha. I’m sorry your trial shift was so stressful


I’m worried it’s always gonna be stressful.


I’m sorry. Most days at my job are stressful but you just have to suck it up and work through it sometimes. Obviously if it causes you major emotional stress and anxiety then don’t work it


I know.