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It technically isn’t even the winter solstice yet. So we’re technically still in fall. And there’s snow.


It never snows where I live :confounded::confounded::confounded:


and now, it is the dreaded time of my computer science class with my wedgie picking teacher. pray for me guys. at least im more awake today






We’ll know for sure when everyone starts freaking out and social media explodes because of its release :joy:


I know. I can’t wait!! I’m very scared but so excited :smiley:


well, no media freak out yet. hoping and praying


so, sadly, the trailer is not coming out today. tomorrow is for now unknown though


I saw it on Facebook that apparently it was.


Could be just a rumour, though.


i just googled it to find out, and an article that was published 30 minutes ago (not exaggerating, it actually was) said that its confirmed to not be coming out today. it could tomorrow though, and the Russo brothers are attending a screening of Infinity War with a Q&A afterwards tonight, so that might shed some light on the release date :woman_shrugging:




yeeeeaaaaahh. im sad though, I would have loved for the trailer to come out today


Yeah, I guess.


Unless they release it after the Q&A O.O


that would be amazing tbh O.O


So the second job was a bust. I just got an email telling me that I was unsuccessful in getting the job.

Why does this feel like being guilty about telling my parents I dropped out of uni all over again?


Aww no. I’m sorry that really sucks :disappointed:


In a way, I’m kinda not surprised. I think I’m too much of a nervous wreck to be in the hospitality industry. Like, I feel like I’m not going to get any better, you know?