V27 ~ The Order of the Dark Side of Fanfiction ~ V27


This is going to be the greatest night of my life


OK yeah that would be pretty incredible.


It’s really happening and oh my God I am blessed


Like it’s not a tribute band, it’s legit Queen. The real deal


I gathered that, yeah!


Lol I’m too excited for this


I would be, too!


I’ve been a fan of Queen for years and years now, so this is HUGE. Have you seen the Bohemian Rhapsody movie?


Holy shit, CoD: WWII is amazing


Also, for those who may have missed my earlier post, hello, everyone. It is I, Jodie, returned at last


Is it bad that…I don’t remember you?


Good to see you back! :blush: And Jodie - I shall remember that.

Are you going to use Miss Prince again?


I suppose so, I don’t recall changing it last time with August, so yes, I guess!


Formerly August, also formerly Meg, also formerly… a lot of other names?


…oh yeah.


Yes, apologies for the confusion. It’s been a bit of a self-discovery journey and sometimes those lead you right back to the person you always were, you just didn’t know it


So what are you now? He/him, her/she, they/them, other/stuff?


Just simple she/her works fine!



Ugh, I’m obsessed