V27 ~ The Order of the Dark Side of Fanfiction ~ V27


IDK, I guess I never heard of it LOL



Hey, I guess it was never on my radar. It’s not my fault. :woman_shrugging:




The only “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” I ever heard of was the episode of Torchwood haha


Where do you think Torchwood ripped it off from, hmm?


I didn’t know it was a ripoff :woman_shrugging:



Hey, you learn something new every day






Now I wanna watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I’ve heard of it numerous times, I’ve just never watched it


I’m so fucking tired I can’t even


im too tired for today [face tables]


that moment when your computer science class is so boring that you actually start editing fan fiction to stay awake and pass the time


and i dont say that as a way to diss the teacher, the subject matter is just incredibly tedious and his teaching style doesnt vary from the textbook or the powerpoint, and his voice is very monotone. im also just taking this class cause it fills the requirements for my associates degree, so theres that too. im also trying to work on some stuff i have to do for my other classes as well. i probably didnt need to say this, i just didnt want to make it seem like i was disrespecting the teacher


im also about the only student in this class that doesnt have a major requiring this class, so theres that too. its just a lot of numbers and algorithms and different equations, not a lot of room to make it all that interesting


I have listened to nothing but Queen all day and I don’t know if it’s a problem or appropriate


You should, dude! It’s fucking hilarious!