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So. Much. Papers. Much. Work. Much. Boredom.


And because of a roll, both papers are done!







Actually false alarm, apparently now the trailer is gonna drop on Friday because of former President George W. H. Bush’s funeral being today.


why is it so nerve wracking to read an algorithm on taking a selfie in a computer science class? I was really hoping he wouldnt choose me; i hate presenting :see_no_evil:


well shit, guess im following this guys algorithm on working a late night shift


My condolences, I think?


also, this is the official official release date from the maketing manager at Marvel himself

avengers 4 trailer on friday morning. final date.


they moved it cause of former President Bush Sr. funeral today.


I meant my condolences regarding the algorithm thing.


Well that’ll be nice to wake up to!


I know, I just had no idea how to continue that conversation so :joy::joy:


coz everything revolves 'round 'Merica :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

@shavingforsherl0ck It’s good that they’re respectful about Bush Sr.'s death. I heard he was one of the more respectful Presidents.


Despite how shitty the head republican representative has been during his presidency, yes, Bush was a respectful man. Obviously he had his wrongs, everyone does, but I think he tried to do more good than bad.


well obviously, we have to make everything about us :joy::joy::joy:


Bright side . . . all of my Aural Skills assignments are done

Unfortunately I have no idea if the rhythmic exercises were really as easy as I thought they were or if I thought they were easy and they’re way more difficult than they sound like they are


I remember the news releasing a letter that Bush sent to Clinton and how grateful and gracious he sounded about losing to Clinton. He didn’t sound bitter at all. I respected him a lot after hearing that.

Because the only country in the world is clearly America XD


It’s 28°F

Great. Just perfect. I definitely needed to freeze today


well of course. We’re always the ones on top :joy::joy: