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Yiiikes. Don’t melt


i tri


Meanwhile it’s cold, wet, rainy, and windy here. Its sucky


Pass. I’ve had my winter. Not keen on going through it again ahaha


But 100°F??? That’s just gross


In Western Australia, it reached 47°C. Do the conversions.


God, watching the original Avengers is a nostalgia trip and a half. They’re all so young :heart_eyes:


I have flannel sheets on my bed, I’m so happy


Also can I just point out that The Vampire Diaries ACTUALLY knows how to handle PTSD? Because Supernatural could seriously learn some tips from this show.


Like, Stefan (main character) went through something horribly traumatic, and instead of them just brushing it off as a plot point he actually had multiple flashbacks and panic attacks because of it? Like I need this legitimacy to happen in Supernatural


Let’s face it, SPN is a joke nowadays :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


It honestly baffles me that Doctor Who fans hate Martha.

Like, she’s clearly the best companion out of all of them.


I don’t hate Martha at all. She was a great companion who did a shit ton for the Doctor and literally saved the entire world at the end of season 3, managing to trick the Master for a whole year so he wouldn’t realize the real plan until too late. I just don’t like the love storyline they forced on her that masked her full potential till closer to the end of the season. She was an amazing woman, but a lot of her character, in the beginning, was taken up by jealousy for Rose and feelings that would never be returned. I just think the love thing was unecessary


For real though :joy::joy:

Like, since Stefan is a vampire he can only truly die by a wooden stake to the heart or by fire (or having his head ripped off, which doesn’t really happen). At the end of season 4, he was locked in a safe and thrown to the bottom of a quarry, where he spent an entire summer drowning over and over again a thousand times, dying and coming back to life every five-ten minutes. And so, trying to help him work through the PTSD, they put him back in the safe on dry land, and he panicked so bad he couldn’t breathe and he passed out, along with panic attacks spread over multiple episodes. Supernatural has never done something as real as that


I didn’t dislike Martha, she’s just not my favourite companion


Same, I don’t dislike Martha, I just have others I prefer over her, like Donna. I don’t think she was bad at all! I really enjoyed her dynamic with the Doctor, but I agree with @shavingforsherl0ck about the love storyline, and I think that was a lot of fans’ complaints about her


I admit, I didn’t like Martha in the beginning, but like everyone else is pointing out, it was mainly because of the love storyline that got placed on Martha due to Rose being gone. I loved Rose so much, and the fact that Martha’s character at the time had a crush on the Doctor didn’t make me like her. I liked her so much more towards the end of her season and into Series 4. She got dealt a bad hand due to when she appeared in Doctor Who. I don’t hate her, and I definitely don’t dislike her. She’s just not my favorite companion in the show.


When your mom randomly makes you your favourite drink :heart_eyes:


Gonna put it out there, Rose is a professional victim. Plain and simple. I would much prefer someone who can hold her own like Martha than some dumb blonde who can barely handle herself


i personally never saw her that way, but hey, we can have different opinions. Yeah she had her moments, but in the end I think she helped more than she hurt. That’s just my personal opinion though :woman_shrugging:t3: