Vampire anatomy and physiology

My favorite class… minus the vampire part. But oh well, that can’t be helped.

What happens to vampire bodies when they die? Ashes? Bones? Quick decay? Turn human? Portal to Hell?

Can vampire bodies survive extremes? If they’re thrown in a freezer, is there a point in which their bodies couldn’t move because their muscles are locked up with cold?

How much of their bodies can you destroy or cut off before they die? If they’re just a head in a jar, would they still live?

Can they survive for centuries underwater? If a vampire pirate was on a ship that sunk, would he be fine at the bottom of the ocean?


In my verse, the died vampire body would decay if no one burn them, but not sure how long. If the body was burned, it will sure turn into ashes.

If for the extremes, they may survive, since they have faster regeneration if they feed enough.

Any injuries is still bearable except decapitation, once that happen, they will certainly die from it.

Some vampire don’t have to breathe so I think living centuries underwater is definitely possible


In my universe they can be killed with silver, starvation (from human blood) or if they’re out in the sun. And nothing else. So technically, they could live for a while, while being a head in a jar - but they’d die of starvation as they no longer have a stomach.

The God of Life put that curse on them for pledging their allegiance to the God of Death. Because Life is a salty little bitch.

When they do die they… I actually haven’t written about them dying yet. But I’m guessing I’ll settle on their bodies and souls getting carried off to the realm beyond to be punished for eternity. For dying. Because life sucks.


I designed my vampires to blend into human society as seamless as possible.

Young vampires can be killed if there heart is destroyed or head is cut off or if left in the sun. Older vampires need to have their head cut off. This is because older vampires use their hearts less and develop an immunity to the sun. The body slowly learns they dont actually need to work as hard.

Since my vampires developed from a cannibal tribe of humans they appear human when killed.

Mine can survive quite a lot but their resistance lessens the depending on how long its been since theyve feed.

If theyre heart or head is left undamaged they can heal any damage thats inflicted with time and blood.

Depends on the vampire. Each vampire in my universe has a manifest that they get depending on how they died. If they drowned then they should be able to breathe underwater. Any other vampire would feel like theyre drowning but they wont die.

I have a full thing on my vamp ins and outs if youd like me to post them.


Dang, these are all good questions that I don’t have answers too. :sweat_smile:
The only thing I can say is that my vampires can either die by burning from sunlight, starve, or be staked through the heart with a wooden cross. If it is the 2 latter options, their bodies will turn human and decay.

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Can I ask why you went that route?

In my case Vampires are an offshoot of humanity, rather than a seperate species, and technically not even undead. Rather it’s an adaptation characteristic to low environmental light, and clinical vampirism.

Most of their lashing out comes from centuries of being hunted and discriminated against, and therefore lurk dark urban alleyways as drug dealers and prostitutes, in order to survive against the odds.

They often are superior hackers, because of having to spend most of the time indoors, with nothing much else to do for much of the day, except during the winter months.

Hemato doesnt just have a clinical need for blood, she has a fetish for blood, that amplifies all the other issues, and makes her generally shy away from relationships.

There are also Vampire AIs, created from the uploaded brains of clinical vampires as well. In fact the final boss in O Raphael is one of these, the main one that had orchestrated the main events of the merging of the game world with reality. In a sense, a super computer with vampire limitations.

It’s also why humans are hunted, because vamp were originally hunted.

Sooo… answering the questions about their bodies?

In other words, pale skin and dark hair.

…did you read my questions?

It’s not a good idea to be deceptive, please stop being misleading.

I’m using our world as my base, so every creature is designed to blend in. Plus, a vampire is hunter and should be able to do so effectively or evolve to become better at their job.

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What? How am I misleading?

I’m answering your questions, and you’re making it look like I’m not. If you don’t understand what the answer is, just ask.

Spose that works.

So… my questions were about how much their bodies can take and what happens to their bodies when they die. You wrote about what they do.

I figured that when a vampire dies their bodies decay like a human one would do but vampires decay faster. A vampire soul never goes to heaven even if one is not born a vampire. That is some kind of a rule. Unfair but hey.

My vampires sure feel temperatures but only to a certain point. They can tell if it is warm or cold but they do not give a damn xD They do feel pain but also only to a certain degree. Like, if their arm gets cut off they scream once like they hit their little toe and then they do not feel it anymore.

One of my vampires would die when their head would come off but not because they are headless now but because they bleed out. Also blood helps them regenerate and heal faster.

Blood is an important point in my universe. Animal blood helps healing wounds, human blood raises resistance against the sun, crosses, holy water and stuff and vampire blood raises the power, like the speed of the wounds healing. Also it adds new abilities like transforming into animals, teleporting, flying etc.

Oxygen is not a problem since they do not really have to breathe. They also do not need food but instead of hunger they feel thirst - thirst for blood. All the time. It is hard to controll but can be managed with drugs, alcohol and stuff. My vampires do not get addicted btw xD

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Im going to be a jerk for a minute. I know what you mean here. Vampires heal faster and better than humans. But it always frustrates me in that smartass way when people say it like that because our blood is what helps us heal and regenerate, too. Thats how our bodies work.

Anyway, I’m sorry. I know what you mean. I just had to get that out of my system.

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Hey, it is alright. That is what we are here for :full_moon_with_face::cat: