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I’ll see what I can do but since I’ll have to re-do all of it I’ll add your name again on the queue. If the time till I get to yours again doesn’t bother you, let me know so I can add you on it.



Girrrl, here is your cover! Since I couldn’t make the fragmenting effect you wanted, I thought of using broken glass to try to pass out the same feeling. I really hope you like it. Let me know!!!

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Maybe this guy:

standing in front: (removed.jpg) of this background, with some sort of icy/red effects? I am relinquishing all the creative control to you xD


Thanks!! I’ll work on it



I was unsure about the font style so here are variations of font style and photo filter (red and blue) :sweat_smile: I hope one of these excel your expectations. Let me know!!
could you please delete the photos on your comments? tksss

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I’ll see what I can do!! Added to the queue ^-^


OOooooo, I love them all! Goodness … is there a way to choose correctly here? :smile: Lower row in the middle, red title / yelowish name I think. Or rightmost in first row. I can’t decide! Great work.

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Aaah, so glad you liked it!!! Thank you :relaxed:


Title: Shadows Like Ivy
Subtitle: Follow the light.
Author Name: megswriting
Genre/Theme: Mystery/Thriller
Summary: A teenage girl discovers dark, buried secrets about her elite reform school in the midst of trying to escape.
Images/Ideas: A girl with brown hair and green eyes maybe like looking over her shoulder; a fancy looking school with ivy on the walls; the outline or impression of fire, smoke, ash, burnt edges; spooky shadows; maybe gold lettering?

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Thank you!

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I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to respond earlier, I was busy with work and have been offline (T-T)

I love it but could you change the person by chance? My character is a person of color with black hair and tanned skin, and brown eyes. If you could fit a girl into the description into the cover I would greatly appreciate it :tired_face:


Title: The Mafia Princess
Subtitle: (Lucciano Mafia Book 1)
Author name: Dredge
Genre/Theme: General Fiction
Summary: Kaia Lucciano is a mafia princess. Who’s been protected from the world for too long. When she learns the dark side of her father’s business can she put aside her feelings for other people and be what she needs to be to lead the next generation of Lucciano’s?
Images/ideas: I was thinking Taylor Momsen on the cover holding a gun and in the background a city on fire. Or Taylor Momsen standing in front gate. Something similar to pic below.

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No problem!!

Ughhhhh, I’m so sorry!! Now I remember you highlighted that on a previews message. I totally forgot.
I’m at work now and I cleaned my dropbox so all the psd files are only on my notebook at home. As soon as I get home, I’ll change the main photo.

Meanwhile, see which one of these fits your character at all:
photo1 / photo2 / photo3 / photo4 / photo5 / photo6 / photo7

Again, sorry!


Title: 7even
Subtitle: (The Mafia Families)
Author name: Dredge
Genre/Theme: General Fiction
Summary: seven mafia families get together after another family tries to take over their territories.
Images/ideas: I was thinking Marlon Teixeira on the cover and in the background like fog and him holding a gun if possible. Something like below.

image image
Or I’ll let you run with any idea you have for this cover as I’m out of ideas for it.

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Title: Two Broken Souls
Subtitle: she was the calm before his storm
Genre: Teen Fiction
Author name: Sharmin A.
Aurora Topaz has thought that she had finally escaped the turmoil that is her life. Now living a new one, although not easy she believes things could only get better from here on out.

Or so she thought.

Aurora realises that the only calm her life can be is the calm before the storm. The storm that turns out to be Dean Allerton ,the heir to Allerton co-operations a multi-billion pound business, with lies and secrets riddled throughout.


@Dredge116 @RainbowUnicornNeko added to the queue!


Yay! Thanks!

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@itstracycara please, see your PM. I messaged you about your cover. I’ll get to your cover as soon as I get a reply, untill then, I’m gonna follow the queue. Thanks!


Title: The Virgin Games

Subtitle*: May the odds be ever in your favor

Author name: @jessie-bear

Genre/Theme: Teen Fiction


The rules are simple:


SCHMOOZE = Get her to like you.

SEDUCE = Get her to love you.

SEX = Get her to sleep with you.

SHEETS = Burn the blood stained sheets at the annual Lakewood football bonfire.

The rules were simple…

Images/ideas*: I really like how you did the cover for “The boy with the cherry blossom tattoo” -in terms of the light/ milky/ soft aesthetic.

In terms of font - Since the book is set in a high school and revolves around the "high school quarterback/ football’ theme I was thinking maybe a letterman font for the words “The” and “Games” and then a glowing caligraphy/ typography /handwritten font for “Virgin” - If it works. You can play around with whatever font you feel works for the cover you want to create based off the ideas.


Title: the lodgehouse
Author name: bartcn
Genre/Theme: humor/fanfic. set in new york in the early 1900s.

a spoof on NBC’s “the office”, or any mockumentary type show/movie.

it follows the boys of the 1992 movie AND broadway show “newsies”, as they live their life in a little building they call home.

Images/ideas*: a small NY building with the title text above it? or if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can PM me and i’ll send you pics of the “main cast” and you could remake a “the office” poster or do something with the cast list.