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@jessie-bear i want to read your book HAHAHAH love me some teen fiction / high school themed book. Accepted and added to the queue!!

@dogfilter I think we could do a building in the background with the cast standing in front of it with the title above. The only thing is that the photos would need to be full body of everyone…


YAAAY! ThankYouSoMuch!!

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that idea sounds lovely! i’ll go pic searching!

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i’m having trouble finding finding high quality pictures of the actors in costume. i have a couple that may work but it may not be the best. here is what i have for full body photos (this is not everyone, by the way)

there are a lot of good waist-up photos but full body photos are just so hard to find. if you come up with another idea please feel free to shoot. if not, i can def keep looking because I think this will look great :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s perfect thank you! I made an example cover of the style I like but I have no idea how to make covers so it’s a little weird


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Indeed it is hard to find high quality full body pics, especially when you need something really specific! Hmm I was thinking maybe a close up of a building with a window frame with the characters coming out of it (how many are they?)?! This way it could be waist-up pics. If it’s too many pics, you can send them in links


That’s a good idea!

For the character amount, how about you find a building pic you want to use first and then i’ll Find enough characters to fill the windows?

Try to find something old and 2-3 stories tall. Doesn’t have to be that specific though!


Actually, the ideia was to have only one window frame (like this cover but a different frame to match the theme) and all of the characters coming out of this one. Or maybe just an ornament gathering them…

With a quick search (I can try to find another one when I get to your request), I found only this photo that looked good to work with. And with this one I think we could put a character per window. So it would fit 9 characters. I’m only afraid it would be too small?!

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Title: SMS


Author name: Lara Ann Lee

Genre/Theme: Comedy/Fanfic

Summary: “SMS” is about a young-woman who finds the joy in SMS texting. Phones were just now becoming smart and everyone had them. Except she had the Phone of Joe Jonas

Images/ideas*: I was thinking the cover could be something along the lines of The Jonas Brothers at the bottom and the girl, preferably Aubrey Plazza at the top. The title in the middle. Something like that, unless you had a better idea.

thank yu!


I like the first idea! I have some pics you can use! Some are at an angle so I apologize if that doesn’t work out for you ! image (upload://sxAD99t5rhS82zwpsz4FGQ3g9XN.jpeg)

image image image image


Accepted and added to the queue!


I’ll see what I can do with those! Tks

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Yay! Thanks

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@ohnonerissa I have updated your delivery post. let me know your thoughts!



Here it is! I hope you like it, let me know ^-^



Here is your cover. Let me know your thoughts!!


Hey, thank you so much. This is beautiful. I’ll be using it.


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Glad you liked it!!! Tks


Are we allowed to request more than once?
If so i’d really like to request a cover for my book “The Craigslist King”

Title: The Craigslist King

Subtitle*: With this ad I thee wed

Author name: @jessie-bear

Genre/Theme: Teen Fiction / YA / Humor

Summary: **I’m still working on the description but basically it centers around a mild- unassuming guy from Brooklyn who is board one Friday night in his apartment and he decides to go on Craigslist to troll some people. He stumbles across an ad that reads “Wanted : King Consort. Previous applicants need not apply”

"High ranking young woman, single, 21, immaculate past, prestigious linage, from the country, is looking for a respectable young man bla bla bla "

The ad has all these requirements like : Must be fluent in English and French, German, Welsh, Swahili and Gaelic. Must be 6’3, at the very least, A sense of humor is desirable but not essential, Full had of hair and teeth however are essential etc - this hilarious list of very specific requirements basically.

So he fills out a form thinking “This must be a joke”…


I was thinking maybe something like this. I know for sure I dont want the mood to be dark because it’s a humor so whatever filter/ edit you plan on using shouldn’t be dark but at the same time i like the vivid and bright colours in the red of the chair and the gold - im not fussed about the curtains in the back (even if you decide to cut them out and put another background thats find with me.) Maybe a newspaper background with a png red marker circling the word ‘‘craigslist’’ ? IDK even the union Jack is fine for a background.

Fonts - If you can circle the word craigslist like -

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Yes, you can request more than once! I like this book idea too ^-^ hehe accepted!