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Title: Necromancy In D Minor
Subtitle: None
Author name: Jaxon M. Tempest
Genre/Theme: Dark Fantasy

Summary: Octavia is a Necromancer on a journey through a realm where her kind are hated and feared. With only a flute and wit she plans to rid humankind of a decade’s old scourge - the Netherborne a plague of beasts and undead released upon the world by Necromancers. And so, Octavia wanders from place to place, disguised as a music teacher, using her Necromancy write the wrongs of her ilk.

When her travels take her to the tiny island of Hedalda, she finds a town and its people fraught with desperation and fear. For fifty years they’ve lived under heel of the Netherborne, with only a handful of Priests to serve as their wards.

But when those wards prove to be insufficient enough to keep the scourge at bay, Octavia will have to decide between keeping up her farce and protecting the people she’s grown to care about. Will the townspeople accept Octavia’s help or will their hatred for Necromancers be their undoing?

Images/ideas: Music and roses are a huge part of the book, but the overall theme is dark. So a black and red colour scheme would be nice (if that’s possible). I also love typography – beautiful fonts and swirling lines and gorgeous borders. I’m horrible at explaining myself so I’m going to post some images that will (hopefully) help.

I really love this last image but I wish its was “darker.” Here’s some Typography covers:

I hope all of this helps :sweat_smile: If you want/need me to try to explain more,I’ll be happy to. I know almost nothing about making book covers, so I’m not sure how to explain myself sometimes. Thanks for considering :blush:


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Title: Waitress
Author name: Laura Ann Lee
Genre/Theme: Fanfic
Summary: I haven’t figured this out yet.
Images/ideas: I was thinking the background could be a restaurant or cafe with a waitress. If you know how to face swap, I would like Selena Gomez’s face on the waitress’s but if not, I would like a simple waitress. Something similar to your cover “Waitress”


I actually don’t haha. I just thought the name had a nice ring to it. Good question though. You’re the first person to ever ask me that lol.


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Oh! HAHHAHAHAH I take circus classes so when I saw your name I thought you did something in the field ^-^


These all loook amazing, I don’t know which one I’m going to choose lol thank you so much!

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Title: Reckoning

Subtitle: Callaghan Book 4

Author name: Dredge

Genre/Theme: General Fiction

Summary: Reign Callaghan is a hustler. While hustling he meets his match in Sage.

Images/ideas: I was thinking Ian Somerhalder with a poker table in front of him. Like the banner you made and in the back ground a red curtain or a wall with a window.
image or Ian Somerhalder standing in a room with Cara Delevingne money around him. Similar to this.



Here’s your cover! Hope you like it ^-^


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Here’s your cover, let me know your thoughts!
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Here’s your cover! let me know yout thoughts on it ^-^
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Ahh, thanks. I’ll redo the form, i can always just post links for any reference images, using the actual link tool :rofl: Honestly this has been a weird day. XD

I’ve tested the links. They’re all safe and accessible :slight_smile:

Title: Hero’s Descent: Act I
Author Name: Chad Smith

Summary: After a schoolyard misadventure, Kris and Susie, a human and monster from Earth have found themselves in a dark world they don’t recognise. Having no choice but to continue onwards in hope of an exit, they meet Ralsei. A forgotten orphan, cast out by his own father. As it seems, Kris and Susie’s arrival was just as Ralsei predicted, for only the three of them together can muster the strength to travel across the world, defeat the ‘Chaos King’ and stop armageddon for both their worlds.

First, however. They must defeat the king, and with the help of an unknown being named Chara, Kris may have the strength to commit the act. Making landfall in Rasenkad, the king’s province, they must battle with not only one another, but the king’s best men before facing the man himself. Even then, one thing is certain; It’s the beginning of the end for our heroes.

Ideas: Well i was thinking the background could be a desolate wasteland/battlefield. Maybe a broken grave or something in the background too. Then have the three main characters in similar poses to the pics. Finally if the ‘t’ in Descent could be made into a Cross. It’s a very dark, gritty cover/story

Images: These are for reference, since it’s a fanfic it uses already existing characters, so these are a piece of fanart i picked out to try and help out making them on a cover :slight_smile:

Specs: Has an actual face and yellow eyes. Sword is a bright red colour and skin is a darker blue shade

Specs: Looks a bit less like a goat and has no scarf. Hat’s optional too :slight_smile: Same with the yellow energy

Ugh, there is literally nothing good for this character :frowning:
Specs: Actually has a face. XD Looks imposing, has the same yellow eyes as Kris

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Even if you deny, i appreciate you taking the time. Have a nice day/night :smiley:


It’s actually missing the subtitle - ‘Poetry Collection’, also could the ‘cover by’ part be removed and I will credit in the summary. Otherwise, I like it.