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I was thinking maybe something the cover for “The Creed” that I did (here) with a cloak or vampire teeth centering the cover. I can’t promise anything with people because I bet it’s going to be difficult to find something like that (but I can try). If I do find, it will probably be just the boy centered in a dark forest background or something…


Title: Finding Hope
Author name: KateAnnee
Genre/Theme: Teenfiction
Summary: Ryder Lynch never believed in hope or angels until one person changed his whole perspective. Amelia, Davis was that person and now she has been taken away from him. He vowed to find her and never let her go again, because after all what is a king without his Queen?

Amelia Davis thought that her whole life would end after her brother died, but it didn’t. Instead, she was given a new beginning. A beginning with a guy that she held close.

With gangs growing anxious one the streets, death threats and love letters, Ryder and Amelia’s beginning may not be off to a great start.

Images/ideas*: A boy (Brown hair and blue eyes). Like a badboy mood. Preferably in colour, but if you can’t find a picture in colour that is fine :smile:

Pictures for inspiration

image image image image

Thank you in advance :blush:


Title: Silhouette
Subtitle*: Because It’s Badass
Author name: Wiktoria Lajborek
Genre/Theme: Mystery/Comedy/Romance
Summary: A girl, that has been behind her families life, has been sneaking around on illegal fights, and has connections with the mafia. Her family wants to marry her off to a notorious leader of the west, but he is cold blooded and evil to blood. She has to run away, and take revenge, after he destroys her home.
Images/ideas*: MMMM not really, a female on the front cover will be amazing, as the main character is a powerful woman.

Thank you anyways :heart:


Thats totally okay! And could you possibly make the people bigger and the theme a little darker/not as neon and the the word tunnel a bit more visible if that even makes any sense haha :sweat_smile: And no problem, I’ll go delete the photos from my post right now!


I love it. That’s the second time you’ve had it right on. Thank you!


Amm can I ask about my cover!.big love


Thank you! I’ll update my post when I get home


Oooh, that Creed cover looks amazing!! I’m totally fine with that! I figured finding people for the cover would be kind of hard, so I understand if there aren’t any. Your skills are awesome, and I trust your judgement! Thank you!! :smiley:


@noirdaisies Tomorrow I’ll see what I can do and get back to you!!

@AprilCox7 so glad you liked it :yellow_heart:

@Belikememo you’re next in line! It’s highly probable that I’ll deliver tomorrow!!

@OfficialUSMWriter tkss! Accepted then!! :star2:


Tomorrow I’ll get back to the ones who requested today! It’s 2am now here so I’m going to sleep :sweat_smile::star2:


Thank u💜


@KateAnnee accepted!

@Wiki_Pages what are the characteristics of the girl?


She is really brave, fearless, dangerous and wants things done her way. :smile:


And complexion, hair and eyes color?


I guess blond, blue eyed and a fair complexion?


Ok! Added to the queue!


I am so glad to have seen this thread! You are a wonderful person and very talented. I would be very grateful for some help for my fanfiction.

Title: A Future Without Fear
Author: bloodbrothers1864
Genre: The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction
Summary: Caroline must learn what it takes to be a vampire. With her friends in mortal peril, emotions running high, and a race against the clock to save Mystic Falls, Caroline must leave the past behind her and embrace her true self.
Images: I would like Caroline to feature please (Candice Accola). Happy for Stefan to feature as well if you think it should, it’s a Steroline pairing.

Thank you so much in advance if I’m able to be added to the list :slight_smile:



Here you go… let me know your thoughts!



Here you go!


aWW THANKSS <3 Your request is accepted!
klaroline!! :broken_heart: