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I’ve updated you delivery with two more options!


oh my gosh I love it!!! Could you make the blue in the 3rd one purple? I’m definitely using that one!! I’ll make sure to credit you once I upload the first chapter :grin:



Here you go! I hope this is close to what you wanted… Let me know!


Title: Heaven to Hell
Subtitle*: Missing Gods (Can you make 2 covers, one with the subtitle and one without?)
Author name: Marie S.
Genre/Theme: Fantasy, angels vs demons/God vs Satan, also slight romance
Summary: (I haven’t come up with a great summary yet, so bear with me.) Keon, a 23 year old hermit living in New York City, has the ability to see angels and demons. When an angel quite literally shows up on his doorstep, Keon is forced to face the reality of what he’s seeing and is dragged into both a war and one giant conspiracy between heaven and hell.
Images/ideas*: The book is quite dark and mainly focuses on angels and demons, so incorporating some sort of angel and demon symbols would be nice. I don’t really want and faces on the cover. Other than that, I trust your judgement, go wild.


Done! glad u liked it <3 thank you!


thank you so muchhhh! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Title: Perfect Desire
Subtitle: N/A
Author name: Dredge
Genre/Theme: General Fiction
Summary: Alessia Prince is a prison guard in a male correctional facility. She spends most of her days with non-violent criminals. During one of her shifts she encounters, Ayden Callaghan. He’s breathtakingly handsome and makes Alessia’s heart race. When these two meet sparks will fly and rules will be broken.
Images/ideas: I was thinking a guy with his shirt off showing muscles, standing in front of a gate. The guy has dark hair and blue eyes. Or use model image
image image image




Here’s your cover, let me know your thoughts!


This looks amazing thank you



Hey, meg! I hope you like this one as well! Let me know <3


Title: my depressed angel
Author name: imtotallynotokay
Genre/Theme: fanfic
Summary: Pete’s the devil. Patrick is an angel. There’s a war between hell and heaven going on. But they still find each other, they always find each other.
Images/Ideas: I was thinking of having Pete Wentz with black eyes and horns or Patrick Stumph looking down with angel wings. For the background I was thinking of having a battleground.


Hey, I love it! Although, would it be possible to have bright blue or green accents rather than reddish ones? I’d just like to see to compare, because I love what you’ve come up with! Also, is there a way you could add the skyline of San Francisco or the Golden Gate Bridge in the background or something? If not, that’s totally fine. Thank you so much!


I’ve updated your delivery! Glad you liked it!!


Wow, that was quick! Thank you so much, I absolutely love it! <3 Thank you for another beautiful cover!





Here you go! I hope you like it!


Title: A Pretty Boy’s Artist
Subtitle*: N/A
Author name: gaebrielle
Genre/Theme: Rom-Com
Summary: Kim Byeol, a budding artist, and Park Min-ho, a pretty boy model, get paired for a magazine project that will help them get interviews for the companies of their dreams.
Images/ideas*: either this one image or image for the main boy in the middle of the cover probably surrounded by clouds or something? Hand drawn stars can be surrounding him too, like he’s a angel, hehe, but if it’s possible, could he have pink hair? thank you!!


@TrinityWorks yes, I can make variation of the cover with and without the subtitle. As for the idea, I was thinking maybe something like this as the background with cut-out wings over it. What do you think?

@Dredge116 @imtotallynotokay accepted!

@peaachiiee the first image is too small so I’ll use the second one. I’ll try to make his hair pink, sure!