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I love it. Thank you so much. Please let me what name should I use to give credits to. You are awesum. Love you tons.

I will give credits and dedicate the first chapter to you when it will published. I promise.

Can I request another one. I am too much in love with the cover you made.


Title: A Slut A Day Keeps The One Away


Author name: Laura Ann Lee

Genre/Theme: Rom-Com

Summary: Stephen James didn’t believe in true love or finding the one; he only cared about having women after women in his bed sucking him off. But what happens when one of the girls he sleeps with ends up being the one?

Images/ideas*: I was thinking the cover could be something similar to a couple, no faces shown please. I really enjoy the white lines tracing the body and would like that to be incorporated. Or the background could be graffiti with Lucky Blue Smith standing there with a cigarette in his mouth.


Thanks love it


Awww so glad you liked it!! :revolving_hearts: You should credit me with this profile @AndressaVan thank youu!!
Yes, you can request another one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Title: Life is Krazy
Subtitle*: When life gives you knives, stab it back
Author name: Lindsey Ussery
Genre/Theme: humor/romance
Summary: Let’s face it.

Life is crazy.

One man knows this all too well.

And perhaps, maybe that’s why his name is Krazy. Of course, that isn’t his real name. He’s earned that name from a lifetime of hard work, and he intends to live up to his name.

People see him as a weird man who only cares for one thing. His knives. Yes, it may be true he carries an odd obsession for that weapon, but maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason why he secludes himself in mere objects.

Maybe there’s a reason why he buries himself in social isolation.

Maybe he’s painfully lonely. Who knew loneliness could stem from such deep-rooted pain that has sucked hope out of his heart?

Maybe Krazy hides his pain and loneliness with his crazy, humorous, vibrant, odd, and violent personality.

All Krazy might need is a little salt in his life, and he didn’t know it would begin with a girl.

But not just any girl, a crazy girl with a personality to match his.

Images/ideas* I was thinking a picture of someone that resembles the main character, like this guy Mens-Blue-Hairstyles
Thinking maybe he could be on the front, if you can then could you possibly make him wear a jean jacket? If not, it’s perfectly okay : ) Maybe a darker blue for the background, or some other darker colors. It would be neat if it looked sort of foggy in the background. I just want him to be the main thing on the cover. Thank you again lol


Yes! I surely will. Please rest assured. Even if I change later, I will include it in one of the chapters and let people know.

Here is a request for another one.

Title: My Brother’s Boyfriend.

Author name: Tara

Genre: Romance, humor, LGBTQ

Summary: When sixteen year old Pia hires a guy to play as her bodyguard, little did she know that she would get a lot more than she bargained for.

Ideas: Something a bit hot but within limits. Something that will make people like the cover immediately.

I am sorry if my ideas are a bit vague. You can ask me anything, if you have queries.


Title : Lethal Confessions
Subtitle : Your Confession Might Just Kill You
Author’s name: Piesie Sampong
Genre/Theme : Mystery /Thriller, Horror
Summary : Friends Philip, Sophia, Shawn, Alexandra, John and Cassandra are looking forward to their three week vacation in Louisiana at a first class hotel. What they didn’t count on was the distraction halfway through their trip which sent seeking shelter in an abandoned cabin.

Follow them in their quest for survival as they find out too late that it is their confessions that are getting them killed.

Image Ideas: I was thinking a girl with red eyes and flowing hair with a dark creepy background. The title, subtitle and Author’s name are in Upper case.

Please if my image ideas are a bit vague you can ask any question to clarify.




I really hope you like this… Let me know!! Can you please delete the pics on your request? Thanksss


@LaraXOX3 the link is not opening, there’s an error message. Waiting on your answer to accept/deny!

@LittleLindsey don’t know about the jacket but I can try. Accepted!

@bottle_of_rum if you could possibly give me more details about the book or an example of a book cover you like that would be great. With the info on your request, I can’t have a good idea… If so, accepted. But if not, denied.

@Piesie2001 is the girl blonde or brunette? Accepted.


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Here are your some variations of your cover. Let me know your thoughts! And could you please delete the pics on your request?! Tks!


Thanks! Imma download them all and switch therm out from time to time!



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These are the two I previously made and used as my book covers.

I will also provide two links to two of my favorite book covers.✓

And you can use your own inspiration if you want. I trust you.


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Here you go, hope you like it!