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the pic that i have in mind:

Title: Love Willa,
Subtitle*: She’s trying to get over her ex(s).
Author name: AneshaJ
Genre/Theme: Romance/TenFiction
Summary:Willa Jackson was tired of boy’s playing her, making her feel like a fool when they left her claiming they found something or someone better, or that they had to fix themselves before they got into a committed relationship.

With the last relationship with her boyfriend of a year she was truly heartbroken and she was going to let them all know it. So true to what she said she started writing each of her ex’s a letter that all ended the same.

Love Willa.
Images/ideas*: this is what my cover looks like now, but i think it is in need of a update so anything like this or anything that comes to your mind that would fit would be good for me to.


Title: Last Hurrah or Save the Date
Subtitle*: He broker her heart… now its time for her to move on.
Author name: Anesha J
Summary: The old Jaylnn still loves her Ex boyfriend Jason, she’d do anything for him even if it made her unhappy. She loved him the first moment she laid eyes on him.
The New Jaylnn has met the perfect guy or so she thinks. She loves him more than she ever thought possible but when her ex comes back into the picture maybe she hasn’t moved on like she thought she has.

Images/ideas*: well if you havent noticed, m about to just re-write a bunch of my stories so, new book new cover kind of thing, anything works for me. and I’m going through a thing of whether to change the name or whatnot so can you put both titles on the cover to see what it looks like? If not its okay here is what the cover looks like now


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Title: The Four
Subtitle: Senior Year
Author: J. Dujuan
Ideas/Pictures: The main idea I had was four African American guys on the cover, that seem to be friends. Something not too fancy but not too basic either. lol!
Face Claim:
Anything Else: this is the summary of the story: Nolan James is a high school student from Charlotte, North Carolina that has been relocating with his mother for the last several years. He is finally at his senior year and there are no plans for him to move again or interrupt his final year of school. In this coming of age, urban teen fiction, LGBT novel, Nolan gets grouped together with three other high school students in his Biology class. These four seniors don’t realize it yet but they are more connected than ever and will experience one hell of a school year. They will battle family drama, relationships, educational woes and that doesn’t include the biggest drama of all: Senior Year.

This is currently the cover:

If you can help, it would be appreciated!

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Here you go!!


@IwannabGlorious1 both request accepted!
@JDujuan welcome :smiley: accepted!


thank you!

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Thank you!!

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Here you go… I liked this pic but it was small and I thought living the surroundings all black would be lame so Ive took the idea you provided and put my spin to it. Let me know your thoughts!



i hope this is good for you… let me know!!

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Ohhhh, I absolutely love your spin on it and the ideas! :heart_eyes: Could I just see it with another guy?

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Do you have one I could use? It was kinda hard finding one that I liked so I figure it’s best if you give me one that you like…

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This is really amazing and I really appreciate you taking your time doing all of this but could you do it another way. I’m really sorry for asking this but, I would like something like what you did with the cover down below. Even the same thing would be just fine.


Can you please do this if you don’t mind?
Thank you very much again.

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Title: Chasing Rain

Subtitle*: What’s Life Without a Little Fun?

Author name: Teenagexchaos

Genre/Theme: Romance, Playful, and badass

Summary: Rain Dupree is what you would call “misunderstood” she’s smart, an opportunist, a multitasker, an overachiever, and most of all an Optimus who tends to fall closer to being a realist. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and knows what she wants and gets it without hesitation. The only issue is she doesn’t know how to really live. She is stuck in a world of school, eat, Work, eat, sleep, repeat. That is until Golden Oaks very own “bad boy” Kyler Laken opens her eyes to another side of life, the fun part.

Images/ideas*: I would love for both Rain (Lilia Braun) and Kyler (Manu Rios) to be on there and for the background to have rain (the weather) on it other than that I am open to almost anything. Oh almost forgot I would like if Rain had glasses on and the cover somehow incorporated baseball but subtly

Are any of these helpful (I’ll delete them later, sorry it will be along message :see_no_evil:)? I’ll have other ones if these aren’t helpful. Thank you so much for your time. :heart:

@MitsunaAiri I can sure do that if you want, but it won’t be the same thing because your title is smaller. Would you like the same color palette or a lighter one? I will have to add your name again at the end of the queue since I’ll have to re-do it, though. If you accept this term, I’ll add your name again. Also, since you aren’t gonna use this one, can I use it as a premade?

@Teenagexchaos I can do it like a baseball field with rain incorporated then a cut-out of Rain and Kyler in the middle. Maybe a baseball bat somewhere if I can fit it in… If you like that idea, you’re accepted.

@darvruni Yes, I think I can use these. When I get home I’ll make the change and get back to you. Tks!

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Sounds good!

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You are the best and no rush! Thank you. :blush::hibiscus:

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There you go… I have updated your delivery post! Let me know what you think!!

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Omg I love them wow! I’m blown away! Can I just see the 3 prod & 4th without the stars?
I will definitely use the 3rd or 4th. Can I save both for now? I can’t decide yet. :joy::see_no_evil:
I won’t be back for some time (once I upload my new book this week 3 out of 4 of my books will have one of yours covers :heart:) and I just wanted to say thank you! I really appreciate your wonderful work.