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Title: Scarred
Subtitle*: N/A
Author name: Ashley Pretty
Genre/Theme: LGBT+ Romance
Alif has never had the luxury of an easy life. Having grown up on the streets for nearly half of her life, she has learned that if you trust someone, the only place you will end up, is laying half-dead in a ditch.
What happens when a seemingly normal girl walks into her life? Will she decide not to trust her, or will she risk ending up with another permanent scar?
Images/ideas*: I want to give you creative freedom for this cover, and thank you for your time!

WOW! I love the first one, thank you!

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My pleasure. :blush:

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Hello! I was wondering if you accept/deny requests, because I don’t know if my form was accepted or not.

@RavensOfOld Sorry, yes, I do accept/deny requests. I just didn’t have time before to go through the requests… If you don’t mind the wait (since is basically for inspiration), your request is accepted.

@ChrisAnonuevo @StoriesByAshley accepted!

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And again… I sorry to everyone on the queue for the delay but these past few days have been really busy! I’m gonna do my best to make as many requests as I can in these next 3 days… It helps a lot if you guys fill out the form as much as you can with information that I may need or pictures that I can use (high quality). The search takes more time than actually making the cover so I would appreciate that! Thanks for understanding and for requesting!! :hibiscus:


Okay cool.

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Thank you! And yes, I’m totally okay with waiting. :blush:

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Wow it is truely stunning! Thank you so much!!!

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Sorry I couldn’t make the sketch this time. This is what I came up with, hope you like it. Let me know!


Here’s your cover, let me know your thoughts! can you delet the pics on your request? tks


I didn’t find a girl’s pic without glasses that I could manip into this one but here you go… Let me know your thoughts! can you delete the pics on your request? tkss!

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I love it! But would you be able to make the text a bit “bolder”? And I’ll delete the pictures on my request when I get home

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Title: The Regent Heir


Author name: Alice Inrows

Genre/Theme: Epic Fantasy, Adventure,

Summary: the story is set around my main character, Thabbias, who is a royal figure of a vampire-like species (he’s young though, around 16-17 years old). But while out on a hunting mission, he is kidnapped by a deadly cult. He’s taken from his home to be sold off to an old enemy of his people, before he’s saved by an unexpected ally.

Images/ideas: I was thinking something darker, yet high fantasy. Thabbias has dark skin, and black hair. His ally is an older woman, heavily scared on half her face, and big and stocky (middle-aged), she is lighter skinned (if I had to pick an ethnicity, think Russian). Both could be wearing traveling cloaks. A cover without people on it could be smokey and burning, with embers and sparks, or something like that. Whatever you come up with is sure to be awesome, your covers are amazing.


Oh, whoops, it’ll be for my other account (@AliceInrows), if you accept it, that is. Sorry, I forgot I was in this one. XD

I’ve updated your delivery!

I was thinking maybe something the cover for “The Creed” that I did (here) with a cloak or vampire teeth centering the cover. I can’t promise anything with people because I bet it’s going to be difficult to find something like that (but I can try). If I do find, it will probably be just the boy centered in a dark forest background or something…

Title: Finding Hope
Author name: KateAnnee
Genre/Theme: Teenfiction
Summary: Ryder Lynch never believed in hope or angels until one person changed his whole perspective. Amelia, Davis was that person and now she has been taken away from him. He vowed to find her and never let her go again, because after all what is a king without his Queen?

Amelia Davis thought that her whole life would end after her brother died, but it didn’t. Instead, she was given a new beginning. A beginning with a guy that she held close.

With gangs growing anxious one the streets, death threats and love letters, Ryder and Amelia’s beginning may not be off to a great start.

Images/ideas*: A boy (Brown hair and blue eyes). Like a badboy mood. Preferably in colour, but if you can’t find a picture in colour that is fine :smile:

Pictures for inspiration

image image image image

Thank you in advance :blush:

Title: Silhouette
Subtitle*: Because It’s Badass
Author name: Wiktoria Lajborek
Genre/Theme: Mystery/Comedy/Romance
Summary: A girl, that has been behind her families life, has been sneaking around on illegal fights, and has connections with the mafia. Her family wants to marry her off to a notorious leader of the west, but he is cold blooded and evil to blood. She has to run away, and take revenge, after he destroys her home.
Images/ideas*: MMMM not really, a female on the front cover will be amazing, as the main character is a powerful woman.

Thank you anyways :heart: