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I’ve made a few variations. With and without a blue gradient and with a different background. I hope this works…let me know!!


Thank you so much! They’re all really pretty and helpful for inspiration! I might use them if the idea doesn’t change down the line when I do finally write it. If I do use it later on, I’ll definitely give you credit!

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BWjr9l1 Title: The Last Ride
Subtitle*: The Rich Series
Author name: Anesha J
Genre/Theme: Romance
Summary:Mai De Vere should have known that her once in a million chances encounter with the millionaire would lead to trouble and so much more. There was two things she didn’t expect out of it though.

One being


The second?

You’ll have to read to find out.
Images/ideas*: the cover I have already looks like this: 150519119-256-k214859 but my female character is European and my male character is African American, so if they cover could have the two races on it looking boo’d up that would be awesome, and if not its fine whatever looks good.

Happy it’s gonna be helpful :slight_smile: Thanks!!

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Title: Should’ve Been Us
Subtitle*: Will their love rekindle… or will it be to late?
Author name: Anesha J
Genre/Theme: Romance
Summary: Tori fell in love at the ripe age of 15. She knew she was really in love when she gave Bradley her innocence at 16. she knew her heart would always belong to him at 17. She also knew they would never make it after high school at 18. Now at the age of 31 with 3 sons and twin girls on the way, Bradley makes his way back into her life when he runs for mayor, he’s married with a daughter and she’s newly divorced barely making it by with working two jobs and keeping her kids fed and the bills paid. She has a hateful ex-husband who wants to make her life difficult by trying to take her kids from her. Now she has to battle herself from yearning for the man who always treating her like the Queen she wish she could be.

Images/ideas*: here is what the cover looks like, I really love it. But i think it is time for a change, if you cant make it similiar to this cover, it could just have a female looking out a window or something like that with maybe a faded man at the top of the cover, I don’t have any face claims for them yet so anyone will be okay.
Also another Idea could be like the cover with her in a cafe either drinking coffee or sitting at a table in the cafe on a laptop or looking out the window.

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Title: Every Time We Touch
Subtitle*: N/A
Author name: Auticorn
Genre/Theme: Vampire/romance/drama
Summary: Fourteen year old Starla has always lived life as a human, but she doesn’t know she’s half-vampire. There’s far more secrets being kept from her… if only she could learn those things in whatever way.
Images/ideas*: I was thinking you could do something that involves them touching. For example, maybe holding hands or holding each other (no faces showing). 1 | 2 | 3

I love it! Thank you so much!

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Title: Until the End
Author name: Allie and Emma
Genre/Theme: Teen fiction
Summary: The beach town of Wolf Coast, Nova Scotia is Will Danforth’s home. He grew up there, carrying around the weight of being abandoned by his father. Then his father moves back to town with his new family, including his son and Will’s half brother, Riley Danforth. In such a small town, they are destined to cross paths. Will’s best friend Emmeline Blossom finds herself in a sticky situation when feelings get in the way of her friendship and puts her in the middle of the brothers. She can’t take both sides and if she has to choose, there will be no winner. Can Will and Riley find common ground or will an accident tear them apart forever?
Images/ideas: Two guys, both with blonde hair standing together.

Title: City of Thorns
Subtitle: n/a
Author: Salem Keating
Genre/Theme: Dark Fantasy
Summary: In the city of Astilla, a rivalry has raged for two centuries. The noble House of Briar keeps order and peace while the Brambles rebel against the Briars’ tyranny.

Dell Briar has despised the Brambles ever since they murdered her parents, and in the four years since, she’s honed her combat skills for the purpose of getting revenge. But all her dreams fall to pieces when she’s poisoned, and tossed into a river to drown. When she’s rescued by Brandon Holly, she learns that there’s a side to the Briars that she’s never seen — and realizes that perhaps she has been betrayed by those closest to her.

As Dell desperately blends into life among the Brambles, she learns that not everything may be as it seems. Perhaps the Brambles are not what she’d believed … and perhaps there’s something more between her and Brandon than she cares to admit.

Images/Ideas: this, the two on the right of this , this for ideas. Basically something with thorns across the cover. I actually really like the light designs of the Heartless and Cruel Prince one, but am equally in love with the dark versions, so I will leave that to your discretion. Let me know if you have questions!

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Title:The Savior
Author name: Katherpilar19
Genre/Theme: Humor,Fantasy,Magic
Summary: There is a prophecy, saying that there will be a war between bad immortals and good immortals, because of this war, thousands of people will eventually die.After reading the prophecy, the king ask for advice to a fortune teller. The fortune teller said that, there will be one mortal/human that will save the whole world, and that person is a woman with the necklace of angel on its neck and her name is Alisson Guillera.After hearing what the fortune teller said, the king ordered his knights to find a woman named Alisson Guillera on the mortal world but unexpectedly, with innocent looks, this woman is quite stupid and worst than you can imagine.
Images/ideas: please use Kim Saeron for the female lead.I preffer light mood, since it is a fantasy-humor story

@IwannabGlorious1 for the ‘the last ride’ cover I haven’t found a good picture based on your descriptions (only ones were this and this but it’s not free). I thought we could do only the guy on the cover, focusing on his abs or back or just her idk. If not, I will have to deny this one.

For the ‘should’ve been us’, I didn’t think of something for the cover based on the old one or the summary :grimacing: It would be better if you had an idea or certainty on whether you want one or not ):

@Auticorn @xLovEtoLivEx accepted!

@salemkeating can’t promise, but I’ll try. Accepted!

@Katherpilar19 accepted!


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Whatever works :slight_smile: actually nevermind it doesn’t have to have the two races on the cover, I can tag it and everything so people know, if you have any ideas for the cover it’ll work, like on the one i showed you, it could be like that.

that’s fine, I’ll come back when I come up with a summary for it, I love the cover but it has my other username on it from my other account and I don’t want people thinking I stole the cover or anything. I’ll come back when I have a concrete Idea though. please add me to the queue if you can

Ok, I’ll accept and add to the queue the first request then! Do you want me to tag you when I open the thread again?

Yes Please!

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Okay, sounds like a plan

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