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Title: Authors Note
Author name: imtotallynotokay
Genre/Theme: random
Summary: Important updates and Q and A’s.
Images/ideas: I was thinking of having cole sprouse on the cover with the text in both white and blue


Accepted. I’m gonna work on it right now!


I’ve made three variations of the design, I hope you like it!


Title: Recall
Author name: KateKay3948
Genre/Theme: teen/ paranormal

Summary: Astrea Clark is the sole survivor of the car crash that killed her older sister. Everyday she lives with the guilt. The despair begins to feel never ending, until something begins to change. The small town Astrea lives in, where everyone knows everyone, gains a few more residents, and with them comes a lot of mystery. Past lives and fated encounters, she learns, are not just things of fairytales. As she catches a glimpse into her own past, she finds it harder and harder to remain a non-believer.

Rhys Stedman never wanted to leave Seattle. It was his home. Moving to Oceanside, Oregon was his parents decision. On arrival, strange things start to occur, things that shouldn’t be possible. Visions of a girl he’s never met constantly invade his mind, and Rhys starts to wonder if perhaps he was meant to come to Oceanside.

Images/ideas: I was thinking something with the beach/ ocean. Maybe a blonde girl on the beach. If there’s a way to show off the paranormal/ past lives aspect of the book that would be great too. I don’t really have a set idea.



Hope you like it, Kate!

Direct link


@whatislive hey, olivia! I saw your were asking for a humor cover on another topic so I took the liberty of making one for you. Hope you like it! Please read the rules above.


Title: Kingdom of ash and shadows
Author name: Luca Is Lost
Genre/Theme: Fantasy
Summary: “Two weeks is all it takes for a peaceful butterfly kingdom to turn into ash. In Barlen a new king and his rather harmful intentions take heir to the throne. With no other living family of the royal name, he is the only hope for the kingdoms well being. Though he only brings destruction and bloodshed, no one in their right minds would stand up to the king. That is until three fools decide to push their luck and test the king’s strength.” -The summary from my book thingy, hopefully that helped I’m sorry if it didn’t I’m bad at this :slight_smile:


Perhaps not this exact picture, but the gold idea of it. I really enjoy the idea of gold and red theme. Maybe a crown?? I would prefer if there wasn’t a person. I’m open-minded with anything though. If you accept it, have fun and get creative! I’ve loved all of your other covers so far :bluehearts:


Hey, Luca! Your cover is accepted. I’ll do my best.
Glad you like the other covers <3 tks


I know you said there is no payment except for credit, but I feel like I’m asking a lot so I’m gonna follow you. Thank you so much!



Thank you!! I really appreciate your support.
Here is your cover, I hope you like it! Let me know if there’s something you may like to change.

direct link


I’m in awe. This is so beautiful! I can’t thank you enough.


You’re welcome!! Happy you enjoyed it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:






Title: Roommates with the bad boy
Author name: Teamedward92
Genre/Theme: teen fiction
Summary: Abigail has to live with her brother’s best friend after getting kicked out of college
Images/ideas: i dont want a romantic couple maybe something playful but not romantic

please and thank u


Hey!! Do you have any images or preference of actor/actress?


i don’t want a celebrity. something playful

something similar to this



Ok!! Accepted. I’ll work on it later today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow, what lovely covers!!!

Title: Strange New Eyes
Author name: Xenoclea
Genre/Theme: dark fantasy
Summary: When Aysel’s beloved brother is injured by the Beasts that live in the mountains of her world, she knows the only way to save him is with their help. After making a deal with a Beast— her service for her brother’s survival— she must travel across the world with the things she hates most. As she learns more about her world and her people, she discovers lies, betrayal, and deadly secrets that threaten not only her family, but her entire civilization.
Images/ideas: Mountains, veins, pine trees, and carnivore teeth would all be interesting to include somewhere in the background (not necessarily all together), as well as mist/clouds. I personally prefer text-focused covers, so having the title as the focal point with interesting things going on in the background would be super cool. I love those fancy, swirly fantasy fonts, but this is a bit gritter and a bit of an older feel than the typical medieval setting, so anything that looks a little bit odd or a little bit runic could be cool, but I appreciate minimalist styles as well. I’d love the main color of this piece to be red.

Letting you know that I also have a cover request in with another designer who does allow shop-hopping (it’s been about a week and they haven’t gotten back to me o.o)