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Perfect! Thank you so much!


FORM @AndressaVan
Title: Just the two of us

Subtitle: None

Author name: @Bings2004

Genre/Theme: Adventure

Summary:16-year-old Victoria or Vickie and her 14-year-old sister, Natalie AKA Nat, are in a small RV/car traveling the country. They have little money, little supplies and are too young to be out by themselves. Not to mention Nat’s nightmares and visions. Add some more problems to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster!

Images/ideas: Loren Gray Beech as Nat and Emily Rudd (with long brown hair) as Vickie. I would also like a car/road on the cover if that’s possible.


Title: Disciple: First Mission
Author Name: Chris Anonuevo
Genre: Superhero/Action
Summary: A Year after Abaddon’s defeat, James decides to run for congress. Standing in the way of James’s desire correct to the government, is Lionel Reaper and his followers who try to destroy his campaign. Together with Gabriel, Tristan, an unknown egyptian warrior named Nathan, and the Superstars of the WWE must aid James to win the election at all costs.
Images/Ideas: I was thinking of doing something like a marvel movie poster.


So sorry, I completely forgot the subtitle. I don’t have the psd file of your cover right now but I’ll make the changes as soon as I get home. Also sorry for the delay to responde but I’d a busy weekend


Do you want me to use these exact photos or others would be fine? When where or how can I find more photos of these characters? Also sorry for the delay to respond but I’ve had a busy weekend.


Well there are a lot of other photos doing the rounds so if you find any that are better, in your opinion, you’re free to use them. Generally you can find them on google images. You can use others if you like :slight_smile: Don’t worry about the delay, it’s been busy on my end too


I was trying to understand where they were from since I don’t know them hahah
Are these good: photo1 / photo2 / photo3 / photo4


@Bings2004 accepted and added to the queue. Please be aware of the announcement on the first post.

@ChrisAnonuevo can you give me an idea of the characters’ lookings?


Ah, i got Pic 1 from Reddit. Pic 2 is from Pinterest and Pic 3 is from Know Your Meme. Pretty weird place to find fanart, but oh well.

Photo 1 is pretty nice, but it doesn’t really capture the darker atmosphere i’m hoping this story possesses. It shows off the characters

Photo 2 I cant say i like this one in context to the story itself. The hand-drawn art style is fun to look at. Maybe i’ll use it later for something comedic. Thanks for showing me this

Photo 3: Now this could work :slight_smile: I like it a lot, it shows off the characters, but a bit of their personality comes out from their positioning. NIce find. I really like this one

Photo 4: This one’s in the same boat as Photo 1. I like it

Tbh i’ll probably wind up using all of them in some form or another, but only really photo 3 captures my attention that way. Sorry if this is a bit hurtful. Photo 2 is really cute though :slight_smile:


No problem, I’ll use photo 3 then! Accepted and added to the queue but please be aware of the announcement.


Alright. I know this is asking a bit much, but could you try to find a way to make it look a little, well, dark? Like, aesthetic wise :slight_smile:
Anyway i greatly appreciate you doing this, sorry if i’m being greedy or asking too much. Thanks again.


No problem at all! I’ll do my best to deliver what you described ^-^


Thank you :slight_smile: I believe you’ll do great


It’s fine :slight_smile: Thanks!



Here’s your cover. I hope it fits your book. Let me know ^-^



Here’s your cover! Let me know if you like and if you’re gonna use it ^-^
I didn’t know if she was blond or brunette so I made two variations



Here is your cover! Let me know your thoughts ^-^
can you please delete the photo on your comment? thankss!



Here is your cover! I hope you like them!! Let me know your thoughts :smiley:
can you please delete the photo on your comments? thankss!


It’s really beautiful and I’m sorry to be a bother, but um, I feel like it doesn’t really fit the story. Is there any way to change the character and maybe use another font? And put the subtitle above her?

I will totally understand if you don’t want to though, thank you anyway x :heart:


Do you have any photo of the character so I don’t use another one that wont reflect her?