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Done. Check your delivery post do see it ^-^


Of course, thank you x


omg i love it! thank you!!


Glad you liked it!!! You’re welcome ^-^


Thanks, I’ll credit you in the summery


Hello, can you speak french ?


Done! Check you delivery post to see the new one. Let me know!!
can you delete the comment with the photos? thanks!!


I wish!! haha


Ok…I will try in english (OMG) … How can I find a cover for my book ?


If you want me to make one for you, you can fill out the form on the first post and I’ll add yours to the queue!


I’d like something like this
the title is “Que cela reste entre nous”


Thanks for your help


Much better! Thank you so much :heart::heart:


Please, fill out the form below so I can understand better what the book is about

Author name:


Title: The Collar, The Heart, and The Hand
Author name: Gadsdy
Genre/Theme: Vampire, Romance
Summary: Felicity, David, and Trent find themselves in an unusual relationship. David is a vampire who has problems with control and seeks to be dominated. Felicity is sexually inexperienced but obsessed with yaoi manga. And Trent always falls for people too hard and too fast. David coerced Felicity into being the dominant to his submissive. In an attempt to please Felicity, David also begins a physical relationship with Trent.
Images/ideas: I don’t have any specific images but i would like there to be an asian man, a black woman, and a white man on the cover. The asian man is the vampire if that helps.



Hey, Jaxon, here’s your cover! Let me know your thoughts!
can u please delete the photos on your request? thank u!!


It’s a lovely cover but :sweat_smile: I’m sorry, it just… doesn’t fit. My MC is a 30 year-old black woman and the girl silhouette just gives off the wrong vibe. Thank you very much for your time though :blush:


Wished you had told that in your request so I could deliver something that would fit :confused: you’re welcome tho :slight_smile:


Hi, I was wondering if you could make me a cover for a future short stories book I have in mind.

I want to do a short stories book for three main holidays a year: Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas.

I want the cover and title to include images for all three holidays and look both joyful and spooky. I would really LOVE if you could make this for me, since I’m lost with this one.

Title: Happy Holidays
Authors Name: Laura Elizebeth
Genre Theme: Short Strories, Horror, Romance
Summary: Not completed yet, but will include snippets of all holidays

Thank you!


I was hoping you would’ve used one of the images I provided. Or something similar :sweat_smile: